opinions: 2 or 3 strands for scrapghan?

I can’t decide if I want to work with 2 or 3 strands of yarn for a scrapghan that I plan to make for this upcoming winter.

I am partial to using 3 strands but I’m very worried it won’t have enough drape…
Please let me know if you have any experience with this at all

3 strand pros:
-uses more scrap yarn
-thicker and warmer
-works up quicker

-too thick? might look like a giant rug when complete
-cant do a border? possibly? if youve done this let me know

2 strand pros:
-easier to work up
-easier to work a border
-project should have plenty of drape

-less color combinations ( i dont have a giant collection of yarn. )
-more gaps in the yarn from working hdc


It depends on how thick in diameter the yarn is that you’re using. I’ve made some things using 2 strands, and yes gaps are bigger so I don’t use for amigurumi.
I’ve made 2 strands of worsted weight on the thin side to make hats and it worked out great.
If I were to make a blanket with 2 strands I would use baby or sport weight yarn (#2 yarn or #3 yarn again depending on thickness of it.
I would not use 2 strands if you’re going to use a dense stitch- moss stitch for example ( Although this would be perfect for blankets in animal shelters).
2 strands with a shell stitch would be nice. It would have some drape to it.
Also, certain fibers have more drape such as bamboo, thin polyester, or nylon.
Less drape is acrylic and cotton.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you decided!


I think I’ve decided to do 3 strands. (2 worsted weight strands and one light weight strand. Honestly, it seems to be about the same thickness either way…I have a bit of baby yarn that I thrifted. I plan on pairing it with the other 2 strands)

I’m doing a basic HDC. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. Most of the patterns I saw for a scrapghan on YT were simple HDC with multiple strands but I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

I worked a couple rows in a variety of blues and the drape seems better than I thought it would be but who knows.

Have you tried a border with a 3 strand scrapghan? (simple hdc)


No, I haven’t tried a border with 2 or more strands. I hate doing that initial round when crocheting in the rough edges. I
I HAD like 20 blankets like that about a year ago, managed to finish borders on them by playing games with myself, do 25 stitches, do the rest tomorrow- stuff like that,