Other places to sell patterns - help

Hi all, I’m just wondering has anyone else sold patterns and items on the like of Etsy/Ravelry? How do you find it? Is it worthwhile? I’d like to branch out so any feedback would be great!!


I have found that people don’t do very well on etsy for crochet or knitting but I would try Ravelry for some more pocket money and even just showing tutorials on youtube helps quite a bit after some time and practice. I know that the probably best way to sell is craft shows. If you want to more more about prepping and stuff watch Cameronscutecreations on youtube. She is amazing​:sparkling_heart:Hope this helps!


I personally have had a few sales on Ribblr but little to none on other sites. I do still have some of my patterns available elsewhere though, just in case someone does buy them on one of those platforms.


I have mine set up on ravelry but haven’t placed my patterns on it yet. So far I’ve had more sales on Ribblr and more success with tester calls.

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I’ve looked at selling on ravelry and I found it quite confusing and I would say that Etsy isn’t really the best for patterns just because Etsy takes a large chunk of the money you make (6.5% of the total profit plus like a 20 cent fee or so) so Etsy better for higher priced things in general but that’s just my opinions.