paid or free patterns :/

ok so this might seem a bit petty, but i don’t like letting people know during testing if my pattern will be free or paid because:

  1. i feel like the only reason some people apply is so that they can get a pattern for free
  2. i want my testers to WANT to test for me yk :sob:

so don’t get mad at me or ask me questions :slightly_smiling_face:


i fully get that, mostly because when i go to test a pattern i usually take that into consideration (especially if a pattern is more than like 5 dollars :skull:) i feel really bad for it, but it is a thing i do.


This is completely reasonable, so many people from what I’ve seen will apply for a test knowing it will be paid and will say they finished or just not communicate to hope the designer forgot they never finished. It’s so frustrating when people do that, if I’m unable to test when testing a pattern I know will be paid I let the designer know ahead of time and tell them they don’t have to gift it. It’s pretty annoying when people test only because the pattern will be paid. I respect your choice, and will keep that in mind! <3


I get that, though as a person who can’t buy patterns on the app, I generally prefer testing payed patterns because I would never otherwise be able to make them.


I know a lot of Ribblrs are young and can’t yet set up Stripe to pay for patterns.

But all the asking for freebies that I hear rubs me the wrong way. Designers work hard, why would anyone demand that they give away patterns for free? This boggles my mind

Or posts that ask outright “please buy me this because I can’t” make me very uncomfortable. I was not raised to ask other people to buy me something. I went and got a job and bought things myself. But that is me.


Testing a pattern is a good way of “paying” a designer for their work. They get an extra pair of eyes that hopefully help them clear up the wording and eliminate mistakes


yes that’s very true! i think one thing that bugs me is that if there’s someone who tests the pattern and then they don’t finish it etc. :smiling_face_with_tear:


omg yea thats so annoying :frowning:


I admit that I use the free vs paid to help me decide if I’m going to apply to test a pattern or not. However, I only apply for patterns I already want to make.

I have only applied once for a pattern that I wouldn’t normally have applied for. That was because the designer wasn’t getting any testers. I wanted to help support the designer. In the end there were 5 testers. But I think only 2 of us completed the pattern. That part is sad.


Yes I totally understand you! Until now I had not realized that people sometimes only test patterns because they want a free pattern.
I feel like this is very unfair because typically the pattern makers work very hard for a long time to achieve an adorable creation. I think they deserve money for it.
I am part of those people who cannot buy things, however I totally understand how people prefer to keep the paid or free pattern status secret until the time the pattern is released.
Even though I completely understand the reasons and motives behind people selling their patterns, I would also like to thank those who create free patterns and tell them they are very appreciated. They don’t need to give us free patterns and they don’t need to donate their hard work so we can also create something, however they still do it.


I understand it totally.
I only apply to a pattern when I really love it and think it is very cute. When I don’t like it I won’t apply and when I like it but have to much to do already, I will reply that under the test but then look out when the pattern will be released


I think this happened to me and I didn’t realize :sob: I’m pretty new to having people test but someone asked if a beanie of mine was gonna be free/paid and I told them paid and they never finished it on time and ghosted me after saying they might finish it late so I made sure to remove them


I get it girly its so annoying uhhhh

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I dont think its petty at all.

Ive seen people say they dont get many applications when they say the pattern is free
And people who complain their testers are innactive for paid patterns
I think some people just want a free pattern unfortunately.

The price does make an effect on my decision to test but its not the first thing i think. If I have a busier week and can only test 1 thing but really like all the patterns, then i decide from price. That might be a bit selfish. But i dont rush into it for a freebie, i think it out.

I mostly test cus my brain works better with a due date, and i find it satisfying to help. I like reading over people’s emails and essays to help fix little errors, so the same feeling of accomplishment transfers to pattern testing. I legit enjoy it.
I like lookin for writing errors first… tho one person got annoyed i was being nit picky, so im kinda wary on it now lol


I think you should be able to communicate with the potential testers before choosing if that would help with them completing on time.


I had no idea that people preferentially applied to test for paid patterns!! It makes sense, but I hadn’t thought of it… I guess it’s time for me to start including that bit of info in my calls!


I’m new to testing, I’ve only done about 6. I’d love to apply for more patterns but some deadlines i won’t make and that’s not fair to the creator.
I also have my first pattern currently up for testing. I only have 1 tester. It’s a little disheartening but i just got here. I’m gonna keep testing and keep releasing patterns, free and paid.

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I saw your pattern on testing. It looks so good! But I’ve never done Tunisian before. Maybe that is the same reason for everyone else?

Also, I don’t work with anything smaller than 2/fingering weight. If it uses a hook smaller than a C/2.75 mm its a no go for my hands and eyes.

Don’t give up. You have talent. Keep showing us what you’ve got. :grin: :+1:


I had not considered that lol I’ve just been in love with tunisian at the moment and had the urge to make a pattern.
Thank you for your kind words :blush::smiling_face:


:frowning_with_open_mouth: I can’t believe it!!!

I don’t design patterns but EVERYONE DON’T SAY IF IT’S PAID OR FREE!!