Pattern designing- any tips?

I am looking into begin pattern designing, but have a few questions-
is it better to sell patterns on etsy or ribblr?
How many testers do i need for a pattern?
Do you have any pattern designing tips ?

I know that many of us would eventually like to fet into pattern designing- but just dont know how to start, so hopefully everyone will get some new tips and tricks :laughing:
Haopy crocheting :yarn:


I can’t really tell you what’s better to sell on, since I only sell on Ribblr at the moment. Both have their advantages, but why not sell on both? That said, you can’t list free downloads on Etsy, you need to have a price.

How many testers you need depends on how many you feel comfortable with! I’d say the minimum would be 3, since it’s good for people to be able to compare notes and for you to confirm what they suggest need changing. A larger testing pool means that you have more people to spot mistakes as well, but it’s really up to you.

Tips on designing… that’s a tough one. This is my take and my process; others’ might differ.
I’d say start with finding a format that you like working in (how you write your instructions/stitches) so your pattern is consistent; that helps a lot with clarity, both for you and the people making your patterns.
Try to have a somewhat clear image of what your finished make will look like, and if necessary, figure out what shapes it’s going to be built from (i.e. a sphere head, oval body for amigurumi, or the shaping of front and back panels of a cardigan etc.). Some people make sketches that they follow, while others use pictures, or clay models. There are many ways you can use!
Then it’s time to start trying things out. I strongly recommend not working with natural fibers during the designing process, because the fibers will start sticking together (unless it’s cotton, but then it will likely start to separate very soon) and designing patterns usually means you’ll frog a lot. Try to get the shapes that you want, and either write the stitches down as you go, or remember them for later. In time, you’ll likely find out what works best for you. Then just continue trying things out until you get the shapes you want!
When you’re finished with your piece and have written the pattern, it’s generally recommended to make it again to see that everything turns out right. This is a good time to take photos that can help future makers (for a tricky stitch, or just for comparison etc) and that you’ll add to your pattern.
When you feel that your pattern is as ready as it can be, it’s time to post a tester call where your pattern is put through the real test and it will help you iron out any flaws that you might have missed. Just remember to be kind, they’re doing you a favor :slight_smile:

I hope this helps :blush:


This helped me so much, thank you :grinning:


I sell on Etsy and Ravelry and just started selling here.Etsy is my best place. You have to learn SEO for Etsy to get found organically. I get constant sales there weekly it’s on auto pilot now.


I appreciated this information a lot! I’ve got an etsy account but never got to the point where I was selling there. I’ll definitely consider it, now, though. Once I’ve got patterns to sell. ^-^


I don’t design but suggest that you focus on unique items, not on items everyone else is doing.