Pattern folders/sorting? 🤔

So I had an idea whilst I was scrolling through my pattern library (which is a lot of patterns :weary: my bad lol)
Anyway I was trying to find a certain pattern and I had an idea… what if we were able to sort our patterns into folder like boxes? Like a YouTube playlist almost!

Say when you open your pattern library there is a plus button
(kind of like the one you click to create a post)

When you click the plus button a notification pops up that says ‘Do you want to create a new folder?’
And when you press yes you are able to click and select all the patterns you want to put into the new folder, when your finished it will ask you to name the folder so…

‘My Christmas patterns’ for example,
After you name the folder and are finished you can now click on it and the only patterns that will show will be the ones you put into the folder

I used an editing app to make some examples :))

This is what you will see when you go into your pattern library:

(I only put one ‘folder’ but you would be able to make multiple)

This is what the inside of the folder would look like:

There is a plus button in the folder so you can add more patterns whenever you need to

If there are patterns that aren’t sorted into a folder they just go underneath the folders like in the first picture

I personally would absolutely love this, not only would it make my life easier, it would have a cleaner look (to me anyway) everything would be nice and sorted and if your like me and have ALOT of patterns in your library this would be very useful.

Thanks for reading my speech lol :smiling_face:


I love that idea!! I think they are making something similar to this for shop patterns, but this would be super helpful! @ribblr pls consider!:blush:


OML I LOVE THIS IDEA! please see if it could be a possibility ribblr!


I wish this all the time!! I would love to be able to sort my patterns :raised_hands::raised_hands:


omg yesss i hv so many patterns!


Also, once the patterns are in the folder they don’t show up underneath with the other patterns anymore


Yes!! This is a great idea!! I would love if we were able to do that!!


this is so cool omg :sob: we need this
aint no way they gonna make this ribblr+ only istg-


Omgoodness I absolutely love this. I have been hoping this would have been part of an update since I joined!

I have patterns I want to make but because it’s such a pain in the butt to find them… (especially when the list decides to go DERPY and there’s 2 or 3 of each pattern showing up)

I’m like nope, I’ll sign up for more test patterns, easier and faster to find what I’m looking for. (We won’t mention that the test patterns are so adorable snd screaming TEST ME!)


That right there… you can kinda do that.


I too would use the h… out of this feature. I HOARDE patterns so some type of sorting option would be a great help.


Thanks for your suggestion! We’re happy to say this is coming soon to Ribblr+ Gold and Ribblr+ Platinum when they roll out.


omg yes i need thisss


If you don’t have/plan on getting Ribblr+, you can use the search feature for now. Just look up a keyword and it should come up​:yellow_heart:


R.I.P. patterns I have bought and get frustrated trying to find, I do not plan on buying the Ribblr+ ever. Sooo yep. Not going to buy it only to use the folder sort. It would be a waste of money that I could use to buy more patterns to support my fellow crocheters that have the courage to create patterns.


YES, I have so many patterns and this would be super helpful.


Agreed, sadly I don’t have the money nor the credit card to get a subscription


You know, many of us on this app are teenagers and can’t buy anything, it would be a cool idea to win free Ribblr+ for a year maybe when you get ROTW or earn the Devotee badge? For me, it’s a little disappointing seeing all of these cool features coming, but not being able to try them. It doesn’t have to be in the wheel, maybe something harder to earn. Just a suggestion​:woman_shrugging:


Being able to win it would be neat :thinking:


Really appreciate your feedback! We’re all ears and eager to ease your concerns so taking the time to reply thoroughly-

Developing new tech products and maintaining it comes at a great cost.
However, we’ve chosen to offer virtually all our unique features for free - like Ribbuild, Ribblr ePattern, our testing tools and more.
This is part of our commitment to ensure Ribblr stays accessible for all crafters :purple_heart:

The existing pattern library offers multiple filtering options - we suggest trying out the search, left-side filters, and auto-generated tags. These will remain free and we continue to work on navigational improvements so stay tuned.

The new Ribblr+ tiers are perfect for those looking to get the best from Ribblr and support the growth of the platform. They include features like boards and pattern pins, as well as cool perks like weekly premium patterns and $elFee points!

We recognize that financial situations vary greatly and we’re working hard to keep Ribblr+ affordable. Plus, we’re offering savings through giveaways, coupons, and promotions and Ribblrs have saved thousands on their memberships in the last few weeks alone.

Hope that makes sense!