Pattern Help PLEASE

Hi everyone, hoping for some help with this one. The way this is worded is really confusing me. What order should I be doing these increase rounds?
A, B, B, C? Is it just that simple?

This is the Rock It Tee pattern by Tanis Fiber Arts


To me this reads that you have instructions somewhere else that give you different increase round instructions that are labeled A, B, C, D and you will do the increase round with that letter the indicated number of times
So plain, A, plain, B, B, C

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That makes sense but I don’t see anywhere it says that :tired_face:

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It says right there, you have 3 increase rounds, A, B, C
It starts with that.
I personally don’t use “every 4th round” type of language because that gets confusing, but it says very clearly that you will work those indicated increase rounds at those indicated times. And either knit or purl, whatever your pattern is doing, between