Pattern ideas for crocheting with macrame cord?!

Hey everyone! I just got a thing of 4mm macrame cord (160 yards) and I was wondering what are your favorite patterns/video tutorials for bags to make with this yarn/cord? I also have some T-Shirt yarn that I can make like the handles out of if I run out of the cord. It’s a pretty peacock blue color! This is my first attempt crocheting with macrame cord so I am hoping for some input on what I should make. I know I want to make a bag or mini backpack large enough for my phone and a pair of earbuds but that’s my only criteria. I’ve tried searching for patterns and tutorials but I’ve only found 2-3 using macrame cord.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I forgot to mention I have a good amount of bag hardware as well, things like d-rings/lobster-claws, slider buckles, and bag closures that could go with it!

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A wine glass holder?