pattern ideas for my shop

Any ideas on patterns I should make spread some ideas I need all that I can get then zi will do a giveaway once I make some patterns so my goal is to have at least 30 ideas so please reply . I can do amigurumi . Also I will try to post a new pattern once a week so I need a lot of ideas anything is perfect . It could be animals, cartoon characters, food , squishmallows , and anything you guys request I will try to make.


My only advice is make things you are interested in :slight_smile: what’s your favorite animal? Favorite characters? Favorite food, etc. And try to be original, maybe combine ideas. Look at what’s already been done and try to make yours a bit different :heart:

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I think we all want to keep our own ideas for our own shops. But you can certainly think about some of your favorite things or items you wish you had and don’t. You are more likely to come up with original items that will draw more interest if you come up with them on your own by looking at your favorite things around you.


a bunch of frog patterns are trending so maybe frogs

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Think outside the box, something that isn’t so popular made. idk maybe this still might be similar but try creating 2 animals together. Like a Frog and Bunny. or Cow and Rat, even mix food and aminals lol. IDK just throwing something out.

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Literally love love love the themed bees (birthday, rainbow) pretty much anything bees!

The flowers are a good idea aswell because you can make one type of flower each week? Sunflower, daisy and daffodil are my personal favourites​:heart_eyes:

Also, some appliqué designs could be a good idea?

One thing I’d love to see is the SpongeBob SquarePants characters​:heart_eyes:

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I will do you want to help design it so that it’s exactly how you want it

I can send you some design options

That’s a great idea I will design some now