Pattern ideas/what patterns do you want to see

So I’m finishing now my new bag design and I am wondering what to do next. Is there any bag or wearable pattern you would like to see? I would love to make couple of them this summer to prepare for the Halloween!
If you don’t know what specific pattern you want you could help me a lot by answering questions bellow:

  • when choosing your next crochet project what’s more important - the design or practicality?
  • do you like when project uses a fun stitch to add a bit detail to simple piece or do you prefer to keep simple things simple?
  • do you like when patterns give you a couple of option or do you prefer when they give you just one option and you get product that will be as close as possible to product photos?
  • do you like colorwork?
    If you want to help me more you can check out my Ribblr shop to see how my patterns usually look.
    Unique patterns | Ayano Crochets | Ribblr
    Thanks in advance for all the help!

i think you should make a bat shaped bag for halloween or for summer maybe something with strawberries. for the questions, here are my answers in order:

  • i personally go more for the design
  • i am fine with fun stitches or simple stitches, whichever is needed to make the best looking product
  • i like one set option so that way i don’t have to stress over picking one choice over another
  • i have not done colorwork yet, but i am willing to give it a shot

I love fun stitches, I love both the design and practicality, I like multiple options, i dont mind colorwork but I dont love it.

I love all of the bag patterns you make! they always turn out so good!


Same for me here except, imo whether it’s with only one option or many I don’t mind actually I would even prefer sometimes the possibility of modification !


I would love to see a vest with lots of fun and funky stitches, a strawberry everyday bag, an eyeball bag or I would LOVE to see something colourwork related (bag or clothing!)
to answer your questions:

  • I try to find a project thats both- I dont want to make something that looks super cute but very unpractial, but not something that looks “depressing” and bland.
  • I love fun stitches! It makes the crocheting funner and (usually) looks better!
  • I like multiple options, but there has to be pictures of all the options! Its very frustrating to not get pictures of all the customizable options of the pattern.
  • I LOVE COLOURWORK!! Its so fun to do!

I agree with @bulldogcrochetss !! A vest/sweater would be super cool and so would a strawberry or a eyeball bag!


Hm I have a bag design in testing that has an bat on the front, but maybe I should make just a whole bag that’s bat shaped, thanks for suggestions and answering the questions

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I am glad you like my bag designs, thanks for answering all the questions


Thanks for adding your opinion


of course! im excited to see what you make, i quite like your designs


Vest with a lot of fun stitches definitely is something I should do! Your bag ideas are also great, I will have to think how to make a original strawberry bag and a eyeball bag.
About the photos for multiple options, I was wondering what to do for my cardigan pattern. There I put instructions how to make a two diffrent styles of sleeve, but only included photos for one, because I made only one of this cardigan. Do you think adding a photo of sleeve from diffrent project but with the same construction would be helpful for the other option?
PS. One of the patterns I am now finishing writing is a bag with eye themed colorwork so you were really close with eyeball bag


If you all agree then I should definitely think more about those ideas


Yes, I think it would be very helpful!