Pattern Limit?

Is this something new? I was browsing patterns and it said I’ve reached my daily limit of 5 free patterns. I’m almost positive that there didn’t used to be a limit on how many free patterns you could save. This is very frustrating.


No that has always been there. You probably just had like four patterns another day and hadn’t reached your limit. Just add the patterns you want to your wishlist and add them to your library tomorrow.


So strange. I definitely remember saving a bunch of patterns in one day when I first signed up. It was right after the app launched to the public. I know I saved more than 5 that day.

I guess the hard part for me is I don’t get in the app everyday.


Also, the patterns aren’t marked that we already have them, so a lot of clicking and going back to find another. Would be nice to have that feature.


Can we ask why there’s a pattern limit? Also what time frame is it going by? I have sometimes hit it in the morning when I first log on, so it was obviously still counting from what I perceive as the day before.

I really hope we get something to indicate patterns in our personal library too. I know I’ve mentioned it before.


Thanks for the feedback!

It’s a 24 hours limit so a full day.

We understand that you would like to know if you already own a pattern - you can see it from the listing page as you would see a ‘Ribblr it’ button.

We are also considering adding an icon for patterns already owned to appear in the search, Although we currently find most Ribblrs know which patterns they own, it is on our roadmap!
Hope that helps :blush:


Also hope you will consider not putting a limit on patterns that can be saved each day. For someone like me, it discourages me from using your app as often. I don’t get a chance to use the app daily, so I’d like to be able to save as many patterns as I want on the days I do use the app.

When it limits me to just 5 patterns, I find it frustrating and tend to go to other pattern websites/apps instead.


Thanks for your input!

To clarify- you can get inspired and save as many patterns as you want to your wishlist! You can always then get free patterns you wish to start working on from there.

Hope that make things clearer :relaxed:


One of the issues is that some patterns are only free for a limited time. So the daily limit can mean missing out on free patterns.


I’d suggest prioritizing limited time patterns, most of the free patterns on this app are permanently free and on the app but if they aren’t save the limited time ones before saving the permanent one (not sure if that makes sense I’m terrible with wording lol)


Yep that totally makes sense. :blush: And I try to do that, but I still just find it frustrating that I have to pick and choose what patterns to save first, when other pattern websites don’t put a limit on it.

I’d really like to start using Ribblr more, but I really find the limits a drawback.

I guess I was just wondering why Ribblr does this and how it would be of benefit to anyone.


I think it may be because there are so many free patterns on Ribblr that it makes it harder to sell patterns, but I completely get where you’re coming from!


So the timer starts from when you pick pattern #1 or when you hit #5? Or does it use GMT?

I guess I’m mostly confused why it appears to hit on what I see as a different day, so I’m trying to make sense of the timer to best work with it.

I’m not trying to be annoying and I hope it isn’t coming off that way! :smiley:

I love a lot about this site, just want to understand the workings of the limit. And, as @Knitsewoften mentioned, not get burned on a limited time offering.


Not at all! We appreciate your feedback.

It’s 24 hours from the first free pattern you acquire :slight_smile:


Thank you!