Pattern not showing up for testing

This is the first time I’ve had this problem but my pattern isn’t showing up in the testing tab in my shop manager. I created a tester call and even after someone had applied it wasn’t showing up and I couldn’t see who applied. I tried making another to copy the link and replace the old one with it but it didn’t change anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I know that @CraftiMama2 has this problem…


On your tester call post, did you see a number in a bubble or smt next to the link? Normally, that would mean they just pressed it and it isn’t certain they applied. If they applied it would show in assign testers


There was one before I tried to fix it and usually it shows up anyway, I think it would just say 0 pending, 0 applied.


I think the pattern will appear in your shop manager if there’s testers for you to accept, if not it won’t appear, if there’s numbers besides the photo for your tester link application there’s a chance it means someone clicked but decided not to apply.

Do you know for certain someone applied?


I don’t remember. I assumed it would show up under the in testing part even without applications. I even tried hitting add testers on the pattern itself but it took me to the same testing spot in my shop manager and then nothing happened.


This is for your newest tester call with the two headed bird, correct? To check I just applied (feel free to remove when you want), let me know if the pattern appears in your shop manager now, if it works then testers do have to apply to the test for it to appear if it doesn’t then this might be a bug/glitch in which case share the model/device whether you’re on the app or website and screenshots or a video here when you can


Yes. It did work when you applied, it’s there now. I just found it odd that it didn’t show up when I created a tester call or tried the add testers button. I didn’t know if it had worked correctly or not. Thanks for helping!


I had that issue too. And nothing showed up until someone actually applied.

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