Pattern sales

I made a few of my patterns 25% off in honor of school starting. I know teachers that are tired of the same old apple / pencil gifts, so I thought you might like to give them something more unique. Maybe a vase for crocheted flowers, a coffee cozy, or a decorative soap cozy, Other items on sale also. Check it out. No longer needing to be a shop follower. But of course, if you do I would appreciate it. I might pop up with some random drawings in the near future. Here is my shop link for easy access. Unique patterns | HookedByMarilyn | Ribblr


I just made a bunch of random plushies, to be exact I made 12, 5 plants, one each for the counselprs, vice principal, principal, and registrar. And 7 random ones for my teachers each get one.


exactly. Unique!


Yeah! :blush:

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