Pattern Suggestions!?

Hey everybody! I know I asked this once before and didn’t follow through with it, but I am looking for some new pattern ideas for my shop. I crochet amigurumi, clothes, home decor, etc. I’m willing to try anything! So if you have any ideas for what to make I would greatly appreciate it! If I end up choosing one of your ideas you will be tagged in the pattern description and I will make sure that you have early access to said pattern! Have a blessed day I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


You should head over a Valentine pattern!!
Like a lover animal or clothing accessories with the valentine colors !


Decorative pillows? Or even pillow cases. I have seen pillow case patterns that were granny squares that are just sewn together. I have made more decorative pillows than cases but the patterns seemed easy to make


I tried sharing the links but ribbler is telling me there is something wrong with the link itself :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Unfortunately the only patterns that I own are free from Pinterest. The “giant” star pillow did not come out as giant as I would have liked or imagined it. But it’s still very cute and very quick to work up. I personally like that pillow shape as a lower lumbar pillow if you want to market it for lumbar support. The cat body pillow is so great to snuggle with it is a little bit of a chunkier piece but my self and my husband use that cat pillow all the time. And the link for the cat granny squares was more so for the idea that the photo had of making a bunch of granny squares then sewing them together to either make a pillow cover that can be interchanged or to just make a complete pillow that has been seen shut

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