Pattern tester call date changed! -Update-

:partying_face:Pattern tester call: OPEN​:partying_face:

:face_holding_back_tears:My first pattern ever for a adorable chunky frog my husband named Mochi! I will be choosing 10 testers only!! (Tester call also open on Instagram under @crafty_piglet)

I will be choosing 5 FROM RIBBLR & 5 FROM INSTAGRAM

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:I will announce the 10 winners on Friday May 17 & you will have until Friday May 31st to complete & provide feedback! (Works up in 30 min) I will dm you photos or email you a pdf whichever you’d prefer! I have the original tester call on Instagram under @crafty_piglet

:fire:REQUIREMENTS (must do all, or you will not be chosen!! I’ll be checking :nerd_face:):

:frog:Follow me
:frog:Like post
:frog:Comment what color yarn & brand you’d use & that you’d like to be a tester


Tag 2-3 friends who’d be interested in being a tester!

:tada:Pattern will be available on Ribblr & Etsy
after edits & feedback are taken from testers!

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