Pattern testers

I was thinking it would be nice if we could have a list of testers that we don’t want to work with in the future. In most posts you can see “you will be banned for future tests if you don’t finish in time without info” or something similar. It would be nice to have a tool to kinda like ban them for applying, or give them a mark so if we want we can approve them but they’ll have a mark. Or at least minus karma for being removed, but then it would be nice to give a reason why person was removed. So they won’t lose karma just because someone removed them, but they’d have to specify why so they will or not get minus karma points.

Because I keep approving people even with 50+ karma and what? They don’t finish the pattern or they don’t give the feedback I need and they don’t give any explanation. It’s just getting annoying :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yes! There could also be a feature where you could give people karma without giving them the pattern, because people don’t always want the pattern but if you test it you want the karma.

I know that coding is really hard ( I don’t really understand most of the coding language) and Ribblrs been making some amazing updates but sometimes the little things go a long way and I think this is a really good idea


Ohh yes! Theres gotta be a way to flag your testers as good or pass. Ive had several either remove themselves or just not follow through and i want a way to mark their username for future tests so i dont choose them again. I cant keep track mentally or on a piece of paper somewhere of the usernames of people to pass on.


I always assign testers on my laptop so I’m opening every tab with tests and just click CTRL + F and look if that person who applied, applied before and then I can see if they were approved before and got the pattern or they were removed


What is karma?
I always apply on patterns I love and where I’m sure of to finish in time.


Karma is like a point system that shows when you have completed a test as requested.


Ah oke nice.


But you’re getting only plus points. If I’m not wrong it’s 2p for finished testing

I completely sympathize, it’s getting very frustrating. But worse than that, it’s quite de-moralizing as well :disappointed: I don’t know if ribblr has any plans at the moment but it would be nice if something could be done, like how they introduced karma points in the first place to try to help us see if a potential tester has been reliable in the past. It doesn’t need to be a ban, but some way of of showing that they’ve done a poor job would be good (with the potential to remove it if the issue is resolved, so that it doesn’t have to be permanent).


I just did my first one on here and a couple of those people had issues however it was something completely outta their hands.
So I truly empathize with what your saying.
Personally I’ve had previous bad experiences with testers myself not on here and it kinda left a sad place in my heart for months. So I didn’t continue to post tester calls. So I now have some firm guidelines when I post and I stick to them. If they don’t finish I keep track and won’t add them to test again. I do understand why the karma system was set up too so that helps. But for me what if the ones with lower karma are good testers?
Something to think about on both ends…. I have my second test to decide tomorrow
And I hope I make the right choices with that.


I have absolutely no problem with people who text me even sometimes like “sorry I got assaulted to different pattern and I’d rather go that one”. I just want the info so maybe I can get different tester on their place, ghosting is a problem


If a tester ghosts you on a test what if you can give minus karma points?

And visa versa, if you test for a designer and it is an awful experience, give negative points

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Oh yea I can certianly see that.

I know what you mean


I think it would be great to have an option once your approved to test to officially say yes or no as a tester. Sometimes I apply to a few hoping at least one will accept me and then I get 3 with similar timelines! I’ve never had an issue of not finishing but it has been stressful! And that would also notify me I got choosen instead of waiting for a message, although the messages are usually informative!

Another option is I believe we can block/restrict on here. So anyone who doesn’t finish or did poorly you can do that so you won’t see them again but that wouldn’t stop them from effecting others designers, so it would be nice to have some kind of system. Maybe rank them with 1-5 stars on how they did?


Most tester make group post after choosing testers and then you can say something :sweat_smile:

I was thinking about making post after testing with list of good and bad testers but I don’t want to make it public like that



I do keep a paper list of banned testers, luckily not many have ghosted so far.

Sometimes the folks who have a ton of karma have their hands full with a lot of tests, so I tend to go with tried and true testers and add one or two with low or no karma to the mix each time to get fresh perspectives.

I totally understand that sometimes life happens and people need to drop out of testing. I just want to know, I don’t like being ghosted. I will always give extensions if people communicate with me.

I previously suggested that we be able to flag testers for ghosting and that they are then on probation and prevented from applying to test anything else for a certain period of time.

I do want to say overall my experience with testing has been overwhelmingly positive, and the community has been so supportive! I’m very grateful for all the time people donate to testing!


I agree with this 100%

Maybe we could have like a tester application where we let the person know how many years of experience and such instead of the patter creators having to look through a count and hoping they have that info somewhere . The karma system is a good thought but just isnt enough info

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