Pattern Title Question

Hi, I still feel like I am new here and have a question about listing my crochet patterns for sale. Some of my patterns are titled things like “Hanging Cell Phone Holder” or “beach tote bag”, etc. Should I put the words crochet pattern in my title as well? Or is it assumed that it is a pattern because of the format? I am wondering if there is a risk that someone will think they are buying the actual item and not the pattern. Shall I go back and add “crochet pattern” to the title of my listings? Thank you for your advice.


Here on Ribblr, you should be good with just the name as someone has to look at the pattern tab to look for patterns and the makes tab to look for completed items
Other platforms might need crochet pattern spelled out in the title and description


Thank you so much for your input, I really appreciate it! Thats kind of what I thought but I felt safer to double check with the community here on ribblr :smiley:


Anytime! That’s what the community is supposed to be - help and engagement :blush: