Pattern to PDF

Hii guys,

I saw under my pattern I created “Generate PDF” and it opens!

Is there a way for me to share that Pdf to my testers on instagram ? Or is there a way to save the pdf to my phone ???

I dont have a way of making any pdfs on my phone, and i already have the pattern typed up on here. Dont really want to do all that work again

Thanks in advance!


I don’t believe Instagram has the ability for us to send PDFS through DM’s yet (someone correct me if I’m wrong). Perhaps you can take a screenshot of each page and send it as pictures?


Yes i thought that too! I did screenshot the pdf on here just incase


Pdfs cant be sent through Ig yet. I typically go through word and send it as a pdf to my email and then download from there.


I found this, not sure if it works through! How To Send PDF File On Instagram - YouTube


You can save the watermarked pdf created using the ‘generate pdf’ feature, only when using a laptop/desktop. You won’t need to type the pattern again. It is automatically synced across devices.


I have to screenshot the pages when generating my patterns. My phone allows me to do long screenshots so small patterns can be on one page and longer ones I can have each section to a page. It would be nice to be able to save the generated pdf, maybe that will be added in future updates.

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I know if you have a computer, you can use Control P to bring up the print screen for the PDF, and then rather than choose a printer, you can select “Print to PDF”. I don’t know if a phone would have a similar function.


Thanks everyone For your input :hugs: