Pattern Vote! 🥳

Hey guys!!! I want to put out my first paid pattern in a month or so, and I want your opinion! Below, I have some concept art for the four options. (I promise I’m a better crocheter than I am an artist :sweat_smile:) I’m going to put out at least 2 more free patterns before this, one of them being a couch potato with accessories (look out for that!) Also put below if you feel like it how much I should charge because I am horrible at pricing :skull:


Hooded Cowl

Person base (with accessories, more than shown)

Sentro Knitting Machine sweater with crochet ribbing (most likely size adjustable.)

  • Dragon A
  • Dragon B
  • Dragon C
  • Hooded Cowl
  • Person Base With Accessories
  • Size-adjustable sentro knitting machine sweater
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Thank you so much for voting! Have a good day :sparkles:


ur so good at drawing :wobs: but i suck at pricing sooo


Maybe the dragon could be, like, 5-6 dollars?


I love all 3 of the dragon options :slight_smile:

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Dragons could be $5-6? I’ve seen cowls in the $3-7 price range depending on the style and complexity.

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i also suck at pricing, but the dragons are soo cute!! so is the sweater, i just havent learned to knit yet XD

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Im gonna close this soon, put in your votes!!!