pdf download issues and other questions when creating pattern

Needing help again please…
Can you upload more than one photo per line?
Because I haven’t been able to do this I have added PDF instructions (with multiple pics) to my pattern but when I tried to download the pdf for myself, firstly I get a webpage not saveable pdf, then I can’t see my pdf’s Ive added to the pattern??

I downloaded a pdf on an earlier pattern so I feel I have figure out how to do this but can’t seem to get success now.

I’ve tried on other patterns, to download my pdf but get webpage when trying to save, what am I missing?
I can see the photos I’ve uploaded to these patterns in the PDF I see on screen :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Thanks in advance
Pattern I need pdf on is Textured Long Cuff Handwarmers


You can only generate a pdf in your own patterns. This is a feature of the site to stop piracy.
I have only been able to have one picture per line when writing a pattern so if writing a pattern that I need more pictures, I use the collage feature on my phone.
Sorry I can’t be more help

To generate a pdf of your own patter, when viewing your shop it should be when you click the cog beside the pattern name(not available for bundles)
This is how mine looks on my phone
If it is giving an error, you should dm ribblr to get this investigated.



Unless something was changed in a recent update, you can only enter one image per line of instructions.

I dont know if i quite underatand what you are asking about pdf so i will answer a few ways and hope part of it answers your question.

You can only download pdfs of patterns you have built using ribbuild.

If you attach a pdf file to the ribbuild pattern, it will likely open within the web page similar to images.

If you are opening your owned, downloaded ribblr pdf on a computer and it goes straight to a web page, this is likely because of a setting you have or that ribblr has that opens them in a browser instead of a pdf viewer program, but should function the same.

If you are attempting to download a pdf on a mobile device, it will open in pdf view but you will be unable to save it from there, so it will only be viewable on mobile but downloadable on computer.

Please note, these are all things i hope and assume are correct based on my own experiences and experiments with ribblr on limited devices, but i encourage constructive corrections if i am providing inaccurate informtion based on these experiences.


no, but you can just make another “i” line and add it there or make a collage

in my experience, the pdf you load from your own pattern does not save the images in the media lines of your pattern. The PDF you load in your pattern has two settings… you can lock it at creation before loading it so that it can’t be tampered with after loading it. After loading it, you have to enable downloading for the pdf within the settings in order for a buyer to download it after purchasing, otherwise it remains in program only.
the same applies to the charts, they will only show up in the file, unless you put them in pdf form and enable downloading
I hope this helps


Thank you that answer helps heaps!
So when Ive added a file to a line am I selecting the icon that says "enable download " after?
Once my pattern is completed and I want the pdf version…how do these files show there?
I can see the symbol for my videos on my pdf, couldn’t see the files Id added. Maybe I had got the enable downliad sorted…


if you want the end user to be able to download it, yes

that I do not know, I don’t put PDFs in my patterns here


Thanks, sorry my post is confusing as its several questions in one!
After my pattern is built I requested generate pdf.
I cant see the files i added in my pattern on this generated pdf.
I’ll get my husband to see if there’s maybe an issue on my computer as to why after generating the pdf of my finished pattern my options say webpage only.
Thanks for your response!


Ok thanks maybe Ribblr can clarify hiw files are accessed on the generated pdf.

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I have never had much luck with the free generated pdf I get from my ribblr pattern, but I am not very tech-savvy either. But I do know you need the enable turned on.


Ok so I think Ive figured it out…
1 media file per line, pdf files dont show if completed patt generated to PDf on when used on platform.
To save generated pdf click on main body , click print, save as pdf
I can see all my photos Ive added and video links but no files (pdf) that I added to my pattern.

Convert my pdfs to jpeg images and add to a line,
I kept my publisher working files so easy to do.
Right better get busy pattern dropping soon!!