Plot planning for a suspense story

Exposition :
Setting: house/library/walk home

Situation: Zeldee got a book from Mr. Lindeon, he warned her about the danger of it but she didn’t listen

Characters: Zeldee Morningstar, Alphaeus Linden

Rising action : 1. Zeldee enters the library and looks at the new collection of books, is uninterested in them and against his better judgement Alphaeus takes her into the banned books section
2. Takes home a “cursed book”, and sets it down on her bed to read. Leaves to go do gardening and chores before coming back up
3. The book has moved, and her entire room is covered in vines and flowers , the book entangled in the midst of it

Climax :
The vines creep up her legs, holding her in place as she struggles to get out she falls over and the vines wrap around her, suffocating her. When Mr linden enters her home, shaking his head and muttering about how he really liked her (she’s still alive and conscious, just suffering), then she passes out

Falling action : 1. A library scene for 1-2 paragraphs with another customer. (It’s been 8 days)
2. He enters the back room, Zeldee’s vine entangled body rotting in the corner and he pulls out a witchcraft book, attempting to bring her back to life
3. After waiting 2 hours of no movement he gets angry and destroys a couple things, then storms out of the room.

Resolution :
The next day he comes back into work Zeldee is up and standing in the room in a dazed state.


amazing def would read this if it was a book!!!


Oooh this sounds so intriguing!


This sounds like a book that’s right up my alley