Positivity thread 🤗 / how was your first week of 2021?

Mental health is a subject that is close to my heart.
I feel like we’ve got enough (or too many) sources of worrying news and negativity in our lives, to a point that it surrounds us daily and affects our moods.
We are definitely lacking sources of good news and happiness.

So to help us all heal and promote positivity, I decided to start this positivity thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Let’s surround ourselves with positive vibes!
Share the good things that have happened to you this week - from small act of kindness and things you are grateful for to fun and fulfilling moments.

I’ll start!
This week I’ve played a bit of chess, listened and discovered a few great albums and today I’ve had a really delicious (and super sweet) Turkish Baklava. :yum:

What are the positive things you take from this week?


This is wonderful! Thank you for starting this! Something wonderful that happened to me is, I finished my very first Granny Square Scarf and my wife started learning how to knit! So now we can add “going yarn shopping” to our list of date night activities, and it has really been amazing sitting with her and working on projects together! Also…I learned how to use Ribblr’s ePattern tool!!! It’s a game changer!


That is so cool. Sounds like a lot of fun being able to work together and share your ideas!

AWESOME! :purple_heart:


I was feeling pretty down at the beginning of the week so my husband cut me loose in hobby lobby! I discovered a AMAZING yarn that I didn’t know existed and am almost done with my first C2C using it! :heart:


Thanks for sharing and welcome to Ribblr Hannah :purple_heart:
That sounds like a lot of fun and please share your C2C once it’s finished!


This is a fantastic idea! I started reading a new book, and I’ve been learning new songs on the piano. Music is something I love, and it boosts my spirits. :musical_note:


Music is a blessing! Thanks for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for this thread! Yet another thing I am loving about being part of Ribblr! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For us we were back to our homeschool routine this week after the holiday break. It’s always so nice even though we are simple and laid back…having some form is so much better than all day freedom!
Today I had a new knitting class of tween girls, now that makes two a week. :star_struck: It excites me soooo much to be teaching a new generation of knitters! They are amazing girls. :yarn: :yarn: :yarn:


What is the yarn you discovered?

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That is really exciting!
Not long ago someone shared on a different post that her young granddaughters knitted her a gift. I think that’s so awesome.


Yarn bee “breathe deep”! It’s sooooo soft! I love the colors and the feel. I may have almost bought out my hobby lobby’s stock lol


My week was great, I managed to be very productive so I felt really good about that! But the best part is that I finally figured out a way to solve a design issue I was having with a new pattern I’m designing, so I was so happy! It was an actual ‘eureka’ moment! :star_struck:


I’ve got to add this as one of my week’s highlights! :joy:


Oh good idea, to throw in some positivity !

I’d love to have some baklava, but I’m on a diet, hehe ! (well, trying to…)

I experienced a little bit of postitvity while taking pictures for a new crochet pattern. The weather had been dark and dreary all week, but suddenly, on my day off, the clouds opened up and I had daylight ! I was finally able to take some good pictures of my work. :smiley:


Nice! We’ve also had a (relatively) sunny day here lately. Quite refreshing :slight_smile:


This is so cool! This week I completed a Tunisian Crochet cowl test. I’m so happy to be learning more about Tunisian Crochet! it is the most fun :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Oh wow, that’s amazing. Can you share a pic?
We are blessed to have so many talented Tunisian Crochet designers and crafters! @Noorsknits @RuthBraschDesign and @Abbeymade immediately come to mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes! They are amazing! I knew about @Noorsknits and @abbeymade and their lovely patterns. I will check out @RuthBraschDesign. Thank you!
I will post a pic as soon as I figure out how to :laughing: :laughing:



Nawwww thanks Saar!
Here’s my positive:
I can’t crochet at the moment because my fingers are having a bit of an RSI freak out.
So yesterday was my day off work for the week (I work part time) and I spent the whole day with my daughter who is about to start school. It was just delightful being present with her. We went school shopping, visited the park and went swimming. Perfect Aussie summer fun with my girl.
Only 2 more weeks before she starts big school!! Eeeeeek