Possible First Time Pattern Drop


Currently I am reading a book, and its completely different than anything I usually read cause its a romance book :rofl: Anyways, I was noticing some crochet wall hangings on here and I had never done one before but really wanted to. Of course, me being me I get this bright idea to make one up myself based on the book I am reading. I go and find my graph paper, and mark up how I want the pattern. so far, everything seems to be going well.

So, my question is would yall be interested in a crochet wall hanging pattern when I am done? It would be a mountain with three stars. (If ya know, ya know :wink:) I looked up after I started and there are a few patterns out there, but they look nothing like what I did. I figure Id do a test for it, too.

Also do the graph designers usually just give you notes and the actual picture graph or do they write it all out, too? Ive seen several graph patterns on here, but since they are paid I dont know how they laid the patterns out. Also, it would probably be free cause its such a niche thing and I feel like unless your doing patterns for a living and/or have a higher price on it, its not really worth the time to put a price on it. I could be wrong, what you think?

Anyways, thaanks in advanced for the help


If you want to go for it! For graph patterns, I’ve seen free ones before and I know Ribblr has its own way to add an interactive graph (let me know if you want more info on that :smile:) so perhaps have the graph and a written pattern for those that can’t read graphs :smile: of course it’s up to you and if you want to price it whatever you want go for it, do whatever feels best

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