Premier Anti-Pilling Bobbin Yarn-my review

Rated 4 out of 5

Soft and a true worsted weight yarn

I think it is quite soft to touch for an acrylic. Spins off the bobbin nicely if working with solid color. The multi color-not so much. However, I tape down the other yarns to keep from tangling. These bobbins are great for storing them.
I decided to try it because I wanted anti-pilling acrylic but NOT at 35 cents a yard!
This turned out to be 6 cents a yard and WELL WORTH it!

It is loosely plied so it can split when working with it. I just adjusted my crochet in that I pulled up the stitches higher. No more splitting. I love ALL the colors.

Doesn’t take to frogging well, but at 6 cents a yard who cares.

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just a question.but did you manage to get a personal space open for yarn reviews or do people just use the tag? :revolving_hearts:


Just use the tag. If there is enough activity on the tag, that may open a separate space.