Premier Basic Chenille at Dollar Tree

  1. Any handling of yarn ends up looking like the blue one with tufts either mashed down or missing. If you use a needle for any part of it, it actively sheds. I use a finishing needle.
  2. String snaps with some mild effort.
  3. Limited colors at Dollar Tree and any given Dollar Tree does not stock all colors.
  4. Cost is approximately 19 cents per yard.
  5. Skein size is limited to 65 yards.
  6. the only colors I’ve seen are: white, black, brown. yellow, mint green, lime green, turquoise, and light blue.
  7. I’ve made several toys with this yarn. The ones that were played with looked awful as time went on as the chenille continues to shed revealing what’s inside.

Will I buy this again? No.
However, for sometime who’s never used chenille this might be a good idea to practice with. It may be ok for making something decorative. But I can’t see making anything decorative in pastel colors.
And frankly, I’d be embarrassed to sell a toy made of this.
Sooooo, I use this yarn for when I’m trying a new amigurumi pattern.


It’s good for chenille embroidery! but crocheting with it is a nightmare


all chenille yarn will eventually shed…let me clarify
the process of making chenille is to line up billions of tiny fibers in one direction and stitch a loose chain of thread down the center to hold them in that line.
A tight chain would result in a stiff cord in the center that would be felt in wearables and prevent the fluff factor of the fibers.
This means that the only thing holding those tiny fibers in place is friction between the fibers and thread and the fibers themselves. The softer the feel of the fibers, the smoother the fibers are and the more likely they are to shed.

Anyone that was around in the late 1990’s might remember the strong trend of chenille sweaters. It did not matter what brand or how much you spent, within a few washes, they became thread bare. All chenille sheds with wear and is never recommended for any item meant for a baby.
Chenille blankets (old fashioned cotton blankets with fuzzy designs) are not made the same way as chenille yarn, but they can shed if cheaply made.


There you are @BLKoll , I was just thinking about you! Hadn’t seen you on Ribblr for a bit.


I don’t really like Just Chenille because it always sheds whenever I do anything with it! I agree it is a good starter for those who are just starting to use it but I will not buy again! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the review! I have heard a lot lately regarding this yarn, so nice timing on the review!