Prezzy card

Hi! So I got a prezzy card for my bday tdy and it’s 50 dollars, it says that it can be used anywhere with visa (btw I’m using it in crochet patterns and I’m SO excited!) but on the back it says there are fees for transferring the currency and my currency is not usd. Pls help. Also @ribblr PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEE put an nz currency :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


I registered your request. Happy birthday!


Thank you so much!!!

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Wait, @Ribblr how do you change the currency to pay with? Or do you have to pay it in usd? :sob::sob::sob:

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@ribblr how do you pay with another currency

Go to your homepage, scroll all the way down and click on your currency to change it.

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@Ribblr there is no NZD

Those are the 5 currencies we natively support. However you can almost always pay using any currency and your bank or card issuer will convert it for you to your local currency for a small fee.
For example if your card is in N ZD but you paid using US dollars your card issuer or bank would just deduct the equivalent in NZD based on the currency exchange rate.

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ok thanks