Printing patterns?

Hi! I’ve seen some people printing Ribblr patterns here, and now I’m interested!
I personally would love to keep a physical binder with all of my patterns, Ribblr and others, but I would prefer not to have to reach out to each of the pattern owners and ask for a printable PDF of their pattern, since it is a possibility that some wouldn’t know how to or would get annoyed with having to create PDFs for me, especially since I have lots of repeat pattern designers in my patterns collection. I think it could be a cool and useful feature if us Ribblrs could download our patterns ourselves!


Thanks for sharing!

We let designers have the option to generate and attach a PDF within their patterns if they choose to. However, we are focused on interactive patterns vs traditional printable patterns, as these provide a much better experience, through interactive tools (smart match, auto conversion, auto translator, videos) and of course they are eco-friendly.

We’re sure you’d love it if you give it a go! However if you prefer printable patterns we recommend purchasing directly from the designer’s website if it exists, as this will ensure you are not contributing to piracy, and that the designer can keep the most profits (trust us- they deserve it!).

Thanks again :tada:


Alright, thanks! I’ll try some of your suggestions out

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