Printing patterns

I wish there was a way to print the patterns. I print all of my patterns before I knit or crochet them. I would not purchase a pattern that I can not print out. I do like the overall layout of the patterns.


Hi Carla and thank you for your input!

We’ve developed Ribblr ePattern, an interactive pattern format, to provide the best crafting experience.

Using Ribblr ePattern you can translate patterns from English UK to English US, select to view your size only instead of all sizes, watch stitch tutorial videos as you work, convert measuring units, takes notes and WIP photos and so much more.
You can also track your progress by line or section on both patterns’ instructions and charts. Everything is saved and synced automatically so you can continue on any device, right where you left off.

We appreciate and understand that you are used to crafting in a certain way.
Some designers do include a downloadable PDF as part of their interactive pattern and you may reach out to the designer and ask for a PDF if that’s essential to you.
However, keep in mind that we cannot provide any interactive features or accessibility tools with printed patterns.

We encourage you to try one of the many free Ribblr ePatterns available, and we’re always here to offer help & support.

For more please watch:

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.


I like having a hard copy to work from as well so I sometimes have to do a copy paste in word or word pad so I can print patterns out. Not sure if you can do that inside ribblr.


Hi I am new here. There is no way to print them out? I cannot have the computer on all day while crocheting! It’s a waste of electricity and Idon’t have the money to pay the electric bills… You’d think Ribblr would be more climate conscious Are you sure there is no way to print them out. Thanks so much for your great help and response


Hi Chris and welcome to Ribblr!

Ribblr is all about interactive and accessible patterns. Unlike traditional PDF patterns, Ribblr ePatterns are completely user and eco-friendly.
In fact, every 36 crafters on Ribblr save a whole tree and 200kWh of energy every year, by using our digital eco-friendly format and avoiding printing.

We can only provide our unique features and accessibility tools using our interactive format which you can enjoy on any device, using the Ribblr website or the free app on your phone or tablet.

Here’s just a brief of some of the unique features on Ribblr:

Please note, some designers choose to include a traditional PDFs as part of their interactive patterns. You may reach out to designers to ask for a PDF copy, although we highly recommend trying out Ribblr ePattern for the best crafting experience.

Have a great weekend!
Team Ribblr


I agree with you. I need a paper copy of my patterns. It’s sad since Ribblr has some really nice patterns.


I used to print my patterns before crocheting too but one of the main reasons I’ve started using Ribblr is so that I don’t have to do that anymore. You can keep track of your progress and make notes directly onto the pattern online and they have an app so you can just use your phone to quickly check where you are. It might need a couple of tries to get used to it but it will save so much paper in the long run.


I like the idea of being able to print as well. I understand there are many features with their interactive pattern, and those will be lost once printed, but I think another great feature would be the option to print. I don’t always have the opportunity to have a computer/tablet available to me when I want to craft (car knitting anyone?) so a printed pattern is the perfect option for me. Why can’t printing be a feature, too?


I normally download on my phone so i can use without having to be connected to the internet and can use where ever I go.
I appreciate the interactive tools available online but I’d rather not be forced to sit on one web page with my device unusable for anything else.
Could you tell me the sources for your quoted energy savings? I’m really interested how you worked out how much electricity it takes to run a full pc and for all the varied durations(I’ve done patterns lasting 5mins to 8days) and for repeated uses of the quoted pattern, as many people reuse their printed pdf patterns.

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Hi, the quoted is an average calculated of energy saving is for printing patterns vs using a mobile phone.
If you prefer printing patterns we highly recommend purchasing directly from the designer’s website.

We are working to improve our offline mode further, for the time being you need to open the pattern online and keep the app open in the background to access it offline.

Hope that helps!


Yes, I fully understood what you were claiming but not which studies were performed for you to be making the claim. Thanks


hi - not having a printable version of patterns is very discriminatory against those with disabilities that have to do with vision or processing who cannot look at screens for long periods of time (like me). I am very frustrated that this was not made clear before purchasing a pattern as now I cannot use it.


We are sorry you feel that way.

We make sure It is clearly indicated across the platform, including on all listing pages and also upon checkout that the patterns are provided in a Ribblr ePattern format.
We also provide you with a gift so you can experience the format for yourself.

We have many accessibility tools available include dark mode, reduce motion, text size and line spacing as well as text reader enabled to support as many crafters as we can.

You can try to reach out to the designer you bought from and ask for a PDF pattern and see if they can provide a copy.
If you only wish to print patterns we highly recommend purchasing directly from the designer.

Thanks for your feedback, and hope this addresses your concerns in the best possible way.

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it’s not a “feel that way” - i literally cannot use your system and you need to provide a service for those who cannot look at screens.

the creator was able to send me a pdf of the pattern but this is a huge problem and is very disappointing, since usually the crafting community is inclusive.


Sorry. To clarify - this was in relation to you feeling frustrated.

It’s very important to us to be as inclusive as we can and to accommodate the needs of as many crafters as we can, whilst maintaining our interactive eco-friendly vision.

We’d love to hear more from you to educate ourselves on the issues you are experiencing so we can further support you in the future.

Feel free to send us a private message or an email to


ok, I am disabled. I’m nearly deaf without my hearing aids, now I’m older and can’t see near/read without glasses, and since i had long COVID I have some cognitive deficits. I worked within the Veterans Administration for 25 years before being forced to retire due to COVID.
I’d like to make clear that it is not every single company’s ( legal, ethical, and otherwise) responsibility to jump through the myriad of hoops so that someone can buy something or use services. It is ‘reasonable accommodation’. and not cost prohibitive to the company. Work can provide me an amplifier ($25) for their phone, but does not buy me my hearing aids ($3000-7000) for example.
That being said, private business are allowed to pursue their mission/tailor their services as they see fit. Government companies pursue missions as dictated by the government. Both are expected to provide access to disabled people at all service points that are given to non disabled persons. Not give access to service points that non disabled don’t get to access.

Ribblr makes the claim to be an INTERACTIVE platform which is fundamentally different than the provision of a file that can be converted into paper.
I do not think ribblr is blocking access to disabled people something they offer to non disabled people. They don’t offer it to non disabled people either.
I welcome conversation on this subject but refuse to engage in and tolerate

  • Belittling or humiliating you, especially in front of others
  • Name-calling or constantly criticizing
  • Constantly argue
  • Make confusing and contradictory statements
  • Statements that are inflammatory in nature
    *!Accusations that state others don’t “care” or others dont “understand”.

Just as a small point that may help, ribblr have the “create pdf” option on all patterns so creators should be able to generate this and share with you without any trouble. I know this isn’t a full solution but should give you access to all the patterns shared here as long as the creators are happy to send you this. Hope this is at least a little helpful going forward


Yes, and it’s up to the designers to decide if they want to share a pdf of their pattern or not.
I have on ocassion, asked a ribblr designer for a pdf of ribblr pattern that I bought, and they provided one. However, it was stated on their listing that you could request one.
If they don’t offer, I don’t ask. .


The creating of PDF files is up to the designer if they chose to do that. Ribblr decided to do their platform this way to help keep pattern pirating down in respect for the hard work of the designers and that the designers could offer a physical pattern if they chose. I see pirating of patterns happen all the time on Etsy. it certainly wasn’t meant to be discriminatory to any one for any reason. Some of the pattern designers like this format and some offer PDFs, again, Ribblr let that be up to the designers.

I also have a visual disturbance disorder. It keeps me from reading charts and easily counting rows and stitches on my knitting (I have a workaround for counting my stitches and the rows of my knitting). Some of the beautiful lace shawls I would love to knit come only in charts so I can’t knit them because the amount of time it would take me to work out the chart into a row by row pattern would be unattainable. But, I don’t wish ill to any designers over my disability because I realize the time and effort it takes to write out row by row the lace and cable patterns and it means that they would be more likely to make a mistake in writing them out (making charts for lace and cable designs is much easier for most designers and preferable for most knitters, just not for me ;p) because when I design a pattern I have to write it all out row by row and don’t offer charts because I can’t. So please do not be disappointed at Ribblr for this. Now that you are aware you will be able to reach out to the designer before you buy a design and ask them if they can provide a PDF copy. :). There are many beautiful designs on this platform. I hope you will stick around and get use to this platform. :slight_smile:


Just wondering. If you want to print the pattern you can just take a screenshot and print it out. I’m not sure if that’s only available on Apple though. It’s not a bad solution for people with Apple though?
I don’t think people should expect Ribblr to be perfect. People handling Ribblr are human and they’re doing their best. You can share your opinion but don’t need to get so angry.