Prize wheel - claiming free patterns

Hi all,

I won 2 free patterns on the prize wheel today. I was super happy as it’s the first time I’ve won anything on the wheel.

However, the wheel pop up closed before I could get any info on how to claim these patterns.

Are they only available from a set list? Where can I find them?

I tried to add one pattern in my wish list to cart to see if that would give me any clues, but there was no cost discount.

I’m on the app if that helps.

Any guidance is really appreciated as I don’t want to miss out on this prize!


Hi, This is 2x free patterns, which means as usually you can only ‘purchase’ 5 free patterns per day that have been released by others on the platform, however with the 2x free patterns you can ‘Purchase’ 10 instead of 5


Ah ha! That makes a lot more sense! Tysm :two_hearts: