Problem with abbreviations- single crochet

I’m making a new crochet pattern on ribbuild and I’ve noticed that single crochet isn’t coming up on the abbreviations list and when I view as a customer it changes single crochet to double crochet.

I’ve made sure that the language is set to English US (not UK) and that the type of craft is crochet. I’ve also noticed that some other people have had this problem and it seems to be some sort of bug/glitch?

Please help me out and thank you in advance!


Hey there! This isn’t a bug but a feature because our software automatically translates your patterns from English US to English UK (and vice versa).
I just personally checked and your account was set to English UK- that’s why you’d see DC instead of SC.

I changed it for you so it should all be working fine!


Thank you so much!!
It hadn’t loaded as English US when you set it but I just set my language manually to US and now it’s working perfectly.
Sorry for the inconvenience!