problems between UK + US terminology

Hi! I’m not sure if it’s just me but I’m a bit confused about terminology in patterns, am I wrong in thinking that ribblr automatically changes the abbreviations?

For example, sometimes when I’m trying out a pattern I’ll be making (UK) dc but the pattern looks like a (UK) sc…

Don’t know if this makes any sense but lmk if anyone feels the same way ^^


It does automatically translate between UK and US! I don’t know specifically how it works tho.


In the front page of the pattern, it will tell you if it was written in inches or cm… Same place it tells you gauge.
In the pattern, there is a purple symbol in your options that translates from inches to cm, then there is a flag that will translate terminology from US/UK
Those are the ways you can change your pattern no matter how it was written.


@Winternightmare @anon5108995 thanks for the help! ^^