Problems with testing notification

Hey everyone
I’m having problems in the testing zone. I apply to one, and i don’t get a notification that i can test it. Mostly after 2 days i van see te pattern in testing.
I only have it when you have to click the foto and than a pop-up apears if you want to be a tester.
It is anoing.
Anyone no what’s going wrong?
Sorry for my English, I’m not so good in writing.


You don’t get a notification when you’re accepted for a test unless the designer sends a message telling you.
I do wish there was an automatic notification.
I’ve almost missed tests because I didn’t know I was accepted.


I don’t get notifications unless the designer sends a group chat. I mainly check my testing space like a mad-person around the times that I have applied. A notification would be really helpful.

Maybe you could post to suggestions? Or maybe this could be changed to suggestions flair? I’d happily give a vote towards it.


I’ve had the same


I have tried to make it a suggestion. I hope I did it right, I’m not that familiar with ribblr yet


Yes unfortunately when selected for testing you dont get a notification! Its up to the designer to message all testers about being accepted & to remind you all of the duedate in groupchat. Sometimes designers will accept a tester and pattern will be in testing folder because they have not selected all testers yet to message. (Like you recieved pattern early). But, I have heard that sometimes a designer has messaged testers & it didnt go through correctly to the testers & some dont message at all. I guess its personal preference?

I suggest, if you know youre applying for a test. Be consistent on checking your tester folder often. Because sometimes it might be there unexpectedly. Thats what i do.

-Amber :cherry_blossom:


You can check if you recall the patterns date of testing start. Click on the diamond icon and there is an option for testing. Photo attached where to look. It takes a few moments to look as I know not all designers message. Also as a few others said unfortunately unless the designer messages you at this time you don’t get notified.
Hope this is helpful….