Project Planner/Keeper App?

Does anyone know of a project planning and keeping app for Android?

I’m super visual-focused, usually have like 4-8 projects going at once, and I have to write things down in order to remember them.


I like row counter and
Screenshot_20230814_165351_One UI Home

I’ve also used knitting buddy for both crochet and knit, but I tend to go back to these 2

(ETA: both are free, but I do like some of the perks for paying the premium for row counter)


I’ve used row counter also.

The main one that I store projects in is Pocket Crochet. You can import patterns from web pages or create your own from scratch, add notes, pictures, pdfs.


Thank u! I’ll check em out!

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Thank u!!

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I like Notion or Bublup


I use crochet land


For my WIPs, I just write the names of the project in my phone’s notes. If its a paid commison, ill write the name of the person buying it, the name of the project, the price, and highlight it. Once they purchase it, I erase the highlight. If its a test, I’ll underline it and write the dute date. And if it a plushie just for my own enjoyment, ill just type out the name of it with nothing special. I dont use pictures, but i do keep a big google slideshow of all the plushies I’ve finished, with a picture and stuff. Its basically my “makes journal” but i can add patterns to it that aren’t in this app. These methods work great for me, because i can just choose when to add to them. Especially because i just cant keep strict order of everything, my life can only really be loosely organized.

Hope this helps!

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