Project to get my brother excited to learn how to knit?

I really want to teach my brother how to knit…also if i get him wanting to leanr to knit he will come with me to the yarn store today
He’s about to be 15
Doesnt wear hats and i dont think ive ever seen him enjoy wearing a scarf in his entire life
Something quick would be best since i think if he finished a project it would motivate him more
Any ideas?


for my brother he likes ww2 ww1, tanks, jets, war stuff. i made him some tank slippers once!


I think it depends on what your brother likes and getting a project that’s similar to that, what does he likes, like to do? :smile:


I suggested fingerless gloves and now hes getting his shoes on !


Ooo nice!


I answered also in the chat, but a more in depth answer:
Don’t have him do a swatch or practice piece that amounts to nothing… Small is often best to get practice without getting discouraged or bored… I like washcloths as they are functional, but also it doesn’t matter if gauge is off or there are mistakes as you use it to clean… I like giving people my free # 1 washcloth so that they always have a reminder of the first project… Also cotton and worsted weight are great for learning