PSA: You are allowed to require testers to have an Instagram account 😁

First and foremost, the core of the Ribblr community is being a positive and safe space for all crafters. It’s completely fine to disagree but making you @AmiMommyBoutique feel attacked is not okay. It rarely happens but we’re counting on you all to flag potential harmful posts.

As Ribblr continues to grow rapidly it’s important to make clarifications so we recently updated our Testing zone guidelines which you can read here:

To emphasize-
There isn’t an issue with one particular social media platform.
A designer that chooses to post a tester call on Ribblr must follow the above.
They can set their requirements as they please (within reason, and you may flag posts accordingly for our review).
Many designers want to showcase their testers work on social media in order to promote the pattern and thank the tester. We get it and our social media team does it too.

However, our team does not choose to make it not a requirement, as we don’t want to deter testers who might not be on social media.
With more requirements they have designers take a risk of not having enough or any applications, and it’s something they should consider. Like @GotenkslovesmeCraft said- some requirements might be allowed but not nice. That’s why we give both testers and designers the option whether they want to participate.

We highly recommend using Ribblr’s safe testing tools for both designers and crafters. This way both parties can be much more protected and we can always help out.