Testing Zone - how to test & guidelines

Post your pattern tester calls, and offer to be a tester, right here on our Testing zone !

We have developed unique safe testing tools to empower both designers and testers, keeping testing safe, fair, and fun!
These tools are free to use for all Ribblrs.

Please make sure you read our guidelines below before testing or submitting a tester call.

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Designers - testing is easy as 1, 2, 3

Before you post your first tester call please take the time to learn more about our safe testing tools.
Please make sure you always follow the guidelines below.

Start by clicking the testing icon on your shop (displayed on top of your pattern’s image)

Step 1 - tester call

Post the tester call. If you do this via your shop (using the testing icon) your post will automatically include your pattern’s name and image and crafters will be able to apply with a single click.
You can also add specific requirements to your tester call post.

Alternatively, you can also copy the application link and manually send it to potential testers of your choice. Do this by clicking the testing icon on your shop.

Step 2 - assign testers

You’ll receive a notification when someone applies so you can head over to your shop manager to approve or reject their application with a single click.
Check the tester’s karma points before approving or rejecting them.
Testers earn karma points when they complete a test so a quality tester will have more points.

Don’t forget to close your tester call.
Simply edit the title of your post and add the word ‘closed’. You can also reach out to our @leaders if you need help. Once the word ‘closed’ is added crafters will not longer be able to click to apply.

Step 3 - message testers

Once you’ve approved the chosen testers simply click the ‘message testers’ button (once again, start by clicking the testing icon on your shop).
You’ll be able to type in a message which will be sent to all testers and can be accessed as a private group message in the community.
Your testers can then either reply directly via the message or by clicking the ‘Contact designer’ option within your pattern.

And check out our improved testing features from May 2023:

Crafters - apply with a single click and get testing!

Simply use the tester call post to apply. You’ll receive a confirmation pop-up instantly that your application has been sent.

Once the designer approves you as a tester they’ll send you (and other testers) a private group message.
The testing pattern will then appear in your patterns library under the ‘testing’ tab.
Click ‘test it!’ and get started.

Please note - designers have the ability to release the pattern in parts, such as section by section. This means you may not see the whole pattern as you test. This should be made clear by the designer in their private message to you.

Finally, please make sure you always follow the guidelines below.

:stop_sign: Guidelines for testing patterns on Ribblr

  1. Testers must be able to apply via your tester call post
    You may provide several ways to apply for testing, but you must also accept submissions via your tester call post on the community. Your testing does not have to take place on Ribblr, although for the safety of your design we highly recommend it. (Learn more about our safe testing tools.)
    You may not redirect crafters to another site to apply, including for filling forms.

  2. Designers may set a testing criteria
    Designers may set a testing criteria such as a testing deadline, asking testers to add journal notes or share a finished make photo on a social media platform, and more. This information must be disclosed on the tester call post.
    Designers may also determine how many testers they require, when they’ll pick them, and when to open/close their tester call.

  3. Do not apply to test if you do not meet the criteria
    Please do not apply to test if you do not meet the criteria set by the designer.
    If you aren’t sure, please ask the designer. For example - if you think you might not be able to finish before the set deadline ask the designer if that’s okay.

  4. Communication is key
    Both designers and testers are always expected to keep an active line of communications with each other in order to provide feedback, as well as ask and answer questions. Please be patient and allow the other party reasonable time to reply.

  5. Be respectful, kind, and supportive
    Both designers and testers must stay respectful, kind, and supportive of each other and follow Ribblr’s terms & conditions. Aggressive, violent or otherwise disrespectful behavior of any kind is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

:star: If you feel that someone isn’t following these guidelines please avoid contact with them and reach directly to us.


I would like to make myself available to test any patterns-I do amigurumi, and anything crochet.


I would like to offer myself to be a pattern tester. I love to crochet. I love to make amigurumi, blankets, beanies, etc., but am open to any crochet pattern. I am also new to Ribblr but am loving this app!! Happy crocheting friends!! :heart::heart:


Hi, I would love to test this


I would like to test


If you would like to test a pattern then reply to one of the current test calls, under the “Testing Zone” category :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to start tearing patterns I’m starting my first test pattern Sunday thanks ribblr


I would enjoy being a tester


I would love to test


Hi @Elitott and welcome to Ribblr! You’ll love it here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
In regards to testing patterns, all you need to do to apply is comment to a testing thread, and the designer will either choose you or someone else. Typically multiple people are chosen. Different designers also have different rules for applying for testing, so make sure you read the whole topic (and the comments too) to see what you need to do.
Hope this helps, have a lovely day!


This is very informative. Thank you!


I am willing to test any crochet patterns needed. I mainly work with amigurumi but I have done sweaters and bags before. I’m excited to try anything new as well!


Welcome to Ribblr! @isabelsanders


I would like to test for crochet.


Hi, I would love to help test crochet patterns! I love doing amigurumi and I have also been trying my hands at some more intricate stitchwork. I consider myself to be an intermediate (I started during lockdown and got hooked :drum: and now I crochet basically all the time).

I do recognize that I probably need to use the journal feature more though.


@Craftywinx @isabelsanders @Marubeanscrochet @SailorSpaghetti

All you have to do to apply for being an tester is to reply to someone’s tester call here on Ribblr. For more information, please see my post above and @Ribblr ’s post as well!


I’d loved to be a tester :heart:


Hi and welcome to Ribblr! You’ll love it here for sure.
All you need to do to apply to be a tester is reply to a pattern test call here in the community.

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I would like to make myself available to test any patterns-I do pretty much anything crochet.


Hi! All you need to do is reply to a tester call to apply.