Q1 Stash update!

Right off the bat, I have my blog post up about this and even though it’ll be the same info as in this post plus a bit extra. I’d super love if y’all could go over there and leave a like and comment to help me out.
Now onto the content.

I’ve been working on reducing my stash, most importantly though trying to get rid of/use up my acrylic so I only have natural or mostly natural blends in my stash. I did my best to arrange the yarns in the same way they were in the original photos for the most accurate comparison, white sheet are the old photos, red is the new ones.

The first set of photos are of my WIPs, projects that are ready to start and overflow from the other storage crates.

The second set of photos are from my natural fibre crate. There are some synthetic fibres in here but only if they are a blend with natural fibres.

The final set of photos are of my acrylic crate, which I’m glad to say is shrinking. I didn’t realise that I had cut off the bottom of the photo until after I had already packed them away and the sun began to set. However you can still see all the yarn, they’re just cut in half.

I’m very pleased with my progress considering I was out of commission for a while, hopefully I can continue to make a dent as the year goes on.


Good progress! What are you making with all that acrylic


I gave some to my mama because she got back into knitting and I’ve been working on a crochet linen stitch rug with 5 strands of dk held together. I’ll probably use it to make sone toys and stuff, not clothing though or things that get washed.


That’s a lot of wool

I have a whole wardrobe full of wool, most I had inherited from my aunt, i don’t really know when it will all get used​:laughing:


do you live where it’s cold?
You can always practice making hats and give them to the shelter for homeless, domestic abuse, nursing home, mental institutions, halfway houses, and the like. Those people live on about 900-1200 of disability income a month. Some of their housing is subsidized but still…


I live in Australia
I am 15, and am still in school
I would like to do more crocheting, but I sort of want to make a store at school, but I don’t think that is possible. It would take years, 1500000 of me, or maybe a few octopus to make enough stuff to sell

Say I started to make something sort of small/medium and made loads of them, that would take a long time with life, school and other stuff happening

I made a garland with 40 hearts and it took like 2/3 months in free time that I had, including school holidays

We gave lots away to charity and craft groups because we couldn’t sell much in a garage store


There will come a season in your life where you will have more time.


I’d say I’m split 50/50 for wool and cotton. I’ve also got tencel which is a yarn made from recycled wood pulp.

Maybe try seeing if you can find Australian crocheters and knitters on youtube and Instagram. They might have some ideas for what you could make that’s more suited to your climate. And remember there’s more than just clothes that you can make from any fibre :slight_smile:


This is an awesome idea! The progress you’ve made is honestly inspiring! I just got back into crocheting and would like to make some dents in the stash I currently have and think this is an awesome way to do that :relaxed: Kudos and hope to see more creations from you!


Do you have any projects in mind for working through your stash? I like having these photos of my stash so I can see exactly what I have and makes it easier when trying to decide what I want to make.


Granny squares are amazing for using multiple colors and making different sized items depending on how many squares you make :relaxed: