Question about Markets

So I really want to do a market, but I don’t know of any markets in my area and I don’t know how far in advance I should plan, or literally anything about Markets. Could someone please help? :cry:


Ok so I have also not done a market before, but from watching videos and stuff I know you need around a month of preparation, maybe more maybe less idk. That way you can plan out your display and get all of your stock ready. You will need to know how big of a space you have to work with so you can plan your display. And you will need kinda a lot of stock to fill your space. You can look up some best sellers and stuff too to help you figure out what to make : ) when it comes to like actually finding a market to do and how to do them, idk :))) Best wishes!! :blush:


Thanks so much!!!


Alright I’m probably gonna go way too in depth about this but,

  1. To find markets in your area check Facebook, Google “vendor events near me”, check your city newspaper/website, and just other things like that.
  2. This depends on your stock already! A rule of thumb I kinda go by is to make twice the inventory I need to reach my income goal.
    I aim for $1k at most of my markets, so I try to make enough inventory that everything totals around 2k.
    If you have a lot of stock you could sign up for a market this month or next month. If you don’t have a lot of stock you should probably give yourself 2-3 months at least so you’re not stressed out!

As for random tips:
Food! Plan when you’re gonna eat and how. My last two markets have run for 8 hours each and you get real hungry by the end​:sob:
Along with that, water!
Bring a partner if you can so you can take breaks to use the restroom.
If you plan to use a square reader (1000% recommend, they even send you the first one free) make sure your account is step up and you can receive payments!
Make sure you charge every electronic you’ll be bringing (especially your phone if you use a square)

Don’t undercharge yourself! Imagine you’re paying an employee for their hard work, because you are, essentially!
Do a mock setup before your market so you don’t get stuck once you get there.
Make your display have different levels. Put eye-catching things up high!

I’m really tired so I’m gonna stop there but if you have any more questions feel free to ask!


Thanks! Those tips are things I would’ve completely forgotten about :joy:


Haha yeah I learned the first couple from experience!:skull: