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Hello people!

As title says I would like to ask you if it is worth to post a pattern test in Testing zone and/or on instagram with something that I made. I made my favourite polish dumplings (pierogi) and it’s really simple pattern with ~8 steps. The only benefit I see from this is that I could see how it looks in other types of yarn and how people will come with their own ideas!:purple_heart: What do you think?


yes, it is worth it. a lot of people are willing to help out : D


I am new to pattern writting for pattern release options. I found the makers on Ribblr are extremely helpful in this process. By selecting 3-4 testers, they usually find all typos, errors, and also help with making sure the instructions are easy to understand for all makers especially new patter readers and beginning crochet makers. I highly recommend testing on Ribblr!!! I have made some great TRUSTED friends that are now my go-to- people when I want to make a pattern to release! I dont have to worry about anyone plagiarizing or redesigning my pattern to profit of it themselves. The artists I have interacted with are all helpful and supportive here!!!

The added benefit is to see other yarns and photos that can enhance your listing of your pattern.

I also see some of our makers post that "this pattern has been tested by trusted pattern testers for accuracy " this is a high selling point for me when choosing a pattern especially if I am going to buy it! I have bought untested patterns in the past and ended up having to redesign or figure out a way to make it work because it was not written correctly. This is frustrating and discouraging.
By getting a pattern that has been tested, I know I can trust the pattern will produce the project I am hoping to get made by following the instructions.


Thank you very much for your reply, I think that you exhausted this topic :smile:

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Yes, you’re right! I meet many friendly people here who are glad to help :heart:


I don’t test on instagram. I only do it here.