Question of the day~may 5 IN HONOR OF @heart4me

Hey guys. So since our bestie , @anon12722758 has left ribblr i have decided that i will do Question of the day for now in honor of her. so today’s question is:
what is one of the happiest moments i your life?
mine: when i went to Michigan to visit family


When I got first place on power tumbling at my very first competition. Which was actually in January of this year. For those of you that don’t know what power tumbling it is is part of a sport called T&T which in this sport There Is Power tumbling, trampoline, and double mini. Trampoline is in the Olympics. Double mini and power tumbling are not in the olympics. But they’re both in World Cup. So, I’m actually currently trying to write a paper over why power tumbling should be in the Olympics and hopefully if it’s good enough I will send it to the Olympic chair so wish me luck on that. If you need more information on T&T then you might have to look it up on Google because this is where I end.


Coming back to school and realizing she’s gone (:


i think @FluffyYarnCreations said they’d do it?? maybe you both could take it over?? she made a post about it like 45 minutes ago.


visiting my best friends after being separated for two years


Me realizing i could leave…

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