Questions for those of you that are based in the US and sell your makes

I can’t seem to find answers in the Help section so I’m coming to those of you that sell your makes on Ribblr. I currently sell on a platform that collects local taxes and shipping cost from the customer at the time of purchase but not sure how this platform handles either one.

  1. how does shipping work?
  2. How are taxes collected?
  3. On my other platform, I can place my shop on vacation mode when I’m out for any length of time, shoppers are notified that I won’t be able to ship any purchases until I return. Is something like that available on Ribblr?

Thank you for any insight you can provide


As far as I understand it, but I might be wrong.

  1. You provide the shipping label,
    (Pirate ship is a good place to start)
  2. You need to file sales taxes yourself (I hope that’ll change in the future)
  3. I haven’t seen that option

I agree with @CraftsbyNicB , @Cloud9 !!!

@Ribblr I’m thinking maybe putting shops on vacation mode/inactive-for-now mode might be an idea for future feature updates? :shushing_face::smiley:


Any update on these questions, @Ribblr team? :blush:


There are two shipping options - domestic and international. You need to set the pricing that is right for your product when setting up the make for sale.

Taxes are not collected, that is to be determined by you depending on your situation. Ribblr acts as a third party to the transactions but on your Stripe dashboard you’ll have a variety of information about each transaction.\

We currently do not offer a vacation mode, but that’s a good suggestions and we’ll log in that feedback.- thank you!