Quick plush yarn magic ring fix for those who need it

Hello! I know many of you have probably struggled with making a magic ring with plush yarn, especially if you’re new to it! Here’s a quick fix


  1. Make your magic ring.
  2. Crochet in the ring and over the tail. Crochet a little bit looser than you normally would just to make sure this works.
  3. For right handed people, hold the ring in your left hand and the tail in your right. Pull the tail over to the right, away from the ring.
  4. Pull gently to the right until the ring is closed.

tada!!! You did it! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


That’s a good tip! Here’s some other tips when trying to make a magic ring with plush yarn

  1. Skip the first round and instead do the amount of stitches needed in the second round. For example if the first round has you crochet 6 sts in the MR and the second had a total of 12 sts, crochet 12 sts in the MR (just keep in mind the row numbers will be off by 1)

  2. Do the MR with regular yarn and then switch to plush yarn (I believe)

  3. Instead of doing the MR you can do the ch 2 method. You chain 2 with your yarn in the second chain from your hook crochet the amount of sts needed in that same chain

Those are just some tips I’ve seen for working with plush yarn :yarn:


thanks for the tips <33
i’ve found that tightening the ring as you go helps. I usually do 3 stitches, then tighten it a bit, do another 3 stitches and almost fully tighten it, then do the last stitch and tighten fully.


tyyy i have this plush yarn thats soooo hard to do a magic ring