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(excuse my rough outlines for my book they are S—- LOL-)


so i just wanna ramble about some creative decisions I made for these chapters.
TLDR, Alex (the MC) has three separate people he needs to bond with, and three separate confrontations (only one of which involves him) thag need to happen. now, I write split POV, so choosing which characters do what chapters is SUPER IMPORTANT!
Originally i had it Adain (kept that hence its cut) and his confrontation with Caera and his bonding with alex for 8, Alex with his confrontation with Caera and bonding with Cirigan (which has a whole scene i’ll yap abt later) for 9, and then Zaria with her confrontation with Cirigan and bonding with Alex on 10, with ir followed by a character intro (not the point.)
i arranged it this way because i figured Adain was quickest to bond and least emotionally troubling confrontation (hence why i kept it-), Alex needed to have that confrontation with caera that leads to the thing with Cirigan that leads ti the eclipse scene, and then Zaria last cause she’d be hardest to bond and her confrontation would be a lot.

actually. this SUCKED-
it wasnt flowinf well and heres why

The Eclipse scene is where the crew (Adain, Alex, Zaria, Caera, Cirigan) all go to this one planet that has a double sun eclipse and its outlandishly pretty and they all huddle under Cirigan’s wings and everything’s alright.

for this to happen:
everyone needa tj be on good terms
conflicts need to be reaolved

namely Zaria and Cirigan’s because shes physically tetchy with him rn therefore the huddling DOESNT WORK!
so therefore i changed it

8: Adain, same
9: Zaria, is getting over herself so she’d bond better, confronting Cirigan ends with oeace and them being ok and on good terms, its nice!
10: immediately, we are thrown headfirst i to Alex and Caera fighting. it gets a nice switch and parallel, therefore flowing super well, and then that goes into Alex getting away from Caera leading to him soending more time with Cirigan!

its hard to understand witb the limited context ive given you but genuinely sm work went jnto figuring this little cluster out because now:

By the Eclipse, everyone is on good terms and its a nice peaceful feeling because we know that ALLLL conflicts from the first third of the book ARE RESOLVED. for the characters and reader, its perfect! everything is cleared up and explained. cleaned real nice, no roaches or anything.
When Vox gets introduced, everyrhing’s tied uo neat which leaves a perfect soace for him to get dropped in. it also adds to the feeling of him being an outsider be ause everyone is so tight knit. it is PERFECT. by cleaning up all the open holes and messes and one off’s, we make everything neat and tidy for Vix to come in and shift the narrative. again its suoer specific but i am very proud of it.

it so hard to understand with the little context you have, but i hope this all makes sense! i put a lot of work and planning into my book and i love to talk about it!
if theres anything i didnt clear up in this MASSIVEEEEE post, lemme knowwww and i will answwrt! ANYTHING i mean it, i live talking about them :}

(kudos to my sister for dealing with me having all three of my notebooks and worldbuilding binder open on my bed ranting about this until i figured it out! and to you, for reading this far hehehe
if you read the whole thing, shoot me a feather emoji in the replies!)

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writing sounds so hard omg i could neverr!! yours sounds so great!!

i genuinely can’t remember if you were the one i spoke to about arcane?? sorry it’s random, but have you seen the new trailers??

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