random lil’ short story

Sophie dashed, trying to outrun him. As usual, she was never able to. Instead, she simply pivoted, turning to face him, their noses touching. “What do you want.” she asked sternly, as if their whole position didn’t scare her. The guy backed up, then smirked. “Finally caught you, didn’t i?” his voice was soft, clearly not matching how he looked. His black, fluffy hair covered his pristine blue eyes (hey, i’ve read books where one chapter is an eyes description), of which laid on his pale face. He was an emo 2018 kid, but surprisingly, he pulled it off well.

shoot, i swear this guy—- i can’t even think! Sophie thought, then suddenly, he blushed, which was a weird sight upon his face. Sophie cocked her head (HEY, THE IMAGE IS CUTE) then realization dawned upon her. “You— you’re the-“ She couldn’t even finish her sentence, before he nodded. “yes, yes i am”. he moved closed to Sophie, and her legs felt like lead. But then… wait. if he knew i like him… maybe he likes me back?. Impulsively, Sophie leaned towards him, leaving the slightest bit of space in between them. Her legs felt like jelly, and her stomach was doing a million butterflies. He closed the space between them and… it was nothing like sophie ever felt before.

MY DISGUSTING CRINGE THING! also i need ideas for the boy’s name bc idk what to name him yet


i love it! its not cringe at all <3


i really like the name August,lol
um also Miles, Kai
Also this is really good tho :sparkles:

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