Real or Not Real? Pt2

Story 2
We’re out in the forest. Just me and him. Me with my bow, and him with no weapons. He’s sitting in the grass mixing flowers and herbs into colors so vibrant, and so beautiful I wonder if he’s just bending sunrays into colors. He looks so peaceful. But the war inside my head ceases to stop. The old instincs try to fight; coming to the surface. I hear a twig snap and I knock an arrow from my quiver to my bow. I scan for the animal, feeling it’s presence. I see brown fur and my arrow realeases. The animal gives one last movements before it stills.
I lay down my bow and go to pick the animal up. Its a rabbit. I pick it up from the hind legs, and toss it in my bag. I go back to Peeta and sit down next to him. I put my head on his shoulder and his head lowers to mine. “We have money for actual paint you know.” I say with a grin.
“I know, I just prefer this.” We sit in silence, the only thing making sound is Peeta’s painting supplies.
After a while, he stops, sits back, and wipes his hands on his leg. His silver leg catches the light and I rub my hand over his artificial knee. He untangles my hair from its braid and rebraids it. I grab a dark green and my hand and I paint my initials on his shin. He grabs the same green and paints his initials.
But then I hear the screams. Its Prim, my mother, Peeta. I’m hyperventilating, im on my feet and im running. Im running hard. “Katniss!” I hear his voice but im not responding. I run untill i hit the cabin wall. I trip and fall into the lake. The screaming won’t stop! I scream loud and I cover my hears so hard I can’t feel them. I am crying and rocking and fidgeting and I can’t stop the sounds. I squeeze my eyes shut and I cant stop crying.
I hear Peeta’s loud thuds as he tries running to me. “Katniss! Katniss! Hey, Girl on Fire, why are you in water?”
He takes his leg off, sets it next to the bank and he pulls himself into the water. He comes up to me and he sits next to me. His hand on my back. He slowly gets me to sit in his lap. My hands in his. I turn, my head in his chest. I cant stop the images coming to my mind. My sister being engulfed in flames, Finnick drowning in those lizard mutts. “Were safe, real or not real?” I ask, my voice thick with tears. “Real” he answers me and puts is arms around me. Comforting me.
After awhile, i must have fallen asleep, because its nearly dusk when I open my eyes. I move to get up. He says “Hey Katniss.” He kisses me on the head. “Hi Peeta.” I get up. And help him up and we hobble up to the bank. I dry his leg off and he sticks his artificial one back on. We walk to the house with our stuff. I grab some fruit from the table, and I lay on the ground. Curled in a ball. Soon after, he comes and lays next to me.


Wow! Amazing just as good as the first one! Great job!! :sob::sparkles::smiley:


soo good!

omg love this!!!