Real Or Not Real?

I wanted this story to be about Katniss and Peeta’s struggle to grow back their relationship after the events of Mockingjay. Sometimes relationships can have rough times, sometimes your love can be hijacked by the Capitol. But regardles, they found their way back to eachother. So in my mind, their love story is about the persistence of love and how it protects them.
I was watching an analysis of Mockingjay and the analyzer was saying how the love triangle in the movie is a metaphor. How Katniss is the only real person and how everybody else are just metaphors in Katniss’s story. Basically, Peeta was the ethical and loving consiousness of Katniss and Gale was her presonality; her rage, her passion, her irrational thinking. During the events of mockingjay, Peeta has been taken from Katniss and Katniss is angry at herself for letting his go. Letting him slip away. She’s with Gale during that time and shes slowly reconnecting with him.
But then they get Peeta back and he tries to kill her. But Katniss still loves him. Even though Peeta has been trying to kill Katniss countless times, she still beleives theres good in him. That he still loves her, but that part of him is being buried 6ft under by the hijacked version of him. She is so persistent in trying to get him back. And the love that is going on between these two characters is so overwhelmingly romantic that my heart is so close to exploding.
I hope you like the first part in my short story fanfic.

"So after, when he whispers, "You love me. Real or not real?" I tell him "Real."
"There are still so many moments when he clutches the back of a chair and hangs on until the flashbacks, are over. But his arms are there to comfort me, and eventually, his lips."

"Peeta and I grow back together."

Story 1
We’re in bed, his arms wrapped around me, and my head on his chest. I’m fidgeting with my thumb and middle finger. Rubbing them together, feeling my fingerprints. He moves a little, so I adjust. I feel his warm chest, and hear his heartbeat. The moonlight streaming in through our window onto the floor is calming. I hear his heartbeat speed up. Just slightly.
But I know he’s dreaming. I bury my head deeper in his chest. I’m in the crevice of his arm. He wakes up so abruptly I fall off the bed. He screams, he’s hitting himself hard. I’m on my feet in an instant. I rush over to him, and i’m grabbing his hands away from his face. I have him by the wrists. Firmly, but not roughly, a bring them to his side and yell his name. “Peeta!” It’s the only way to reach him; wherever he is.
He looks at me. With those big bright blue eyes. “STOP IT! STOP IT!” She shouts in my face. The pain is his eyes makes my heart hurt. I say, “You are Peeta Mellark, you live with me, Katniss Everdeen in the Victors Village in District 12. You’re at home, and we are safe now.” The thrashing stops, but his head is still shaking. His tears glint in the moonlight and I can see them running down his face. I let go of one wrist and run my thumb gently along his cheek, cleaning the tears off.
I put my forehead on his and I look into his eyes until they stare back at me. Then I close my eyes, and wrap my arms around his shoulders. I breathe in, and out, and I wait until he reciprocates. I rub my hand along his head down to his chin. Then he engulfs me in a hug, his face in my neck. He’s still breathing hard, but it’s slower now. “I’m safe. Real or not real?” He asks. I feel his arms wrapped around me, and mind around him. I tell him: “Real. I love you. Always.” I kiss the top if his head and we sit. Just like that. Untill we see the sunrise colors and the soft orange lights.

Real ones can tell me what Peeta and Katniss’s favorite colors are.


No way. Thats sooooo good

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Green and a soft sunset orange! Also this is amazing :sob::sob::sob:

omg this is what i’ve been waiting forrr loll
good job! it’s amazing :star_struck:

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yesss meee orange like the sunset for peeta and green for katniss!!!