Rearranging patterns in your shop

can we have a feature where we can move around our patterns to have them laid out in a certain way? and different headings for each group of patterns, etc ‘no sew’ and put ur no sew patterns underneath them. this heading feature should allow you to write what you want, and move your patterns around.

thank you @ribblr


bro literalllly :sob: it’s been bugging me for the longest time and i’m surprised it hasnt been implemented already. I like having the separation between paid and free patterns but id just like some sub-sections for them so i can group them into my series eg baby series and no sew patterns :sob:


exactly i hope they listen to our suggestion! it’d be an amazing feature, helpful for most creators i reckon. it would be also much easier for buyers navigating the shops to find the pattern they want, especially with some people having heaps of patterns


Thanks for suggesting! We currently have an automated system that looks at your most used tags and auto categorizes patterns in that way. We’ll take your feedback onboard as for manual selection though!


yes this is so helpful

(I swear… if this is gonna be a ribblr+ only feature I’ma pass away)


yeah that is helpful, but it really would be nice to be able to move them and categorize them how you want! exactly like how @binka might want to place her ‘baby animal’ series in one part of her shop with a heading. thank you for considering the idea!