REUPLOAD as link: testing call for finger yarn holder

hi!! this is my first pattern and i made the project on a whim ^^‘’ I need testers for my yarn finger holder and would appreciate if you could help! its a short pattern that wouldnt take long! if you do help test it, please send me a photo, i have no useable ones for my product as i made it with scrap yarn! my instagram is @nattycrochets
im on mobile and keep trying but the photo wouldnt upload so here is the link!! sorry its my first time…


Unsure why but I still can’t see a picture?
The link takes me to ribblr makes

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Here are picture instructions on how to upload a tester call! Hope the help :smiling_face:


for me when i press it it asks me whether or not i want to br a tester and im pretty sure its how it works? if your talking about product photo, its because i dont have one. the one i made was with dark yarn so it is quute hard to see clearly which is why i couldnt use it as one :]


OH thank you so much this will really help!! i’ll be sure to try again on the website tomorrow!! (its night for me right now)


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