Ribblr features idea - testing

I think Ribblr needs a feature where you can rate and review pattern testers like how buyers and sellers can review each other on eBay. I got a couple of horrible testers that didn’t respond to a single message (and I sent a lot trying to get in contact with them) and they never sent me their products so I was forced to remove them as testers and it put my pattern release way behind schedule. Having that feature would make the process so much easier for everyone involved. Thoughts?


I think that’s a nice idea, a while ago I also had a tester who didn’t really respond and ended up sending a picture of someone else’s product as their own, as like final result

Though most testers I’ve come across here are really nice

Like you can let ribblr know if someone really behaves badly I think, but still having a feature like that would be interesting


ABSOLUTELY!!! I had to delete most of the testers because they would not respond. They probably just wanted the pattern for free.
I also think there should be a partial release feature that allows the designer to release the pattern in increments as pictures of their progress are messaged to the designer. Giving them the whole pattern just encourages a lack of response. The tester can’t share the pattern but they can go low tech and physically copy the pattern on paper from Ribblr. The bad tester walks away with a free pattern and the designer is left hanging.


I would love that idea! I have had a few tester who did the same thing to me!


Thanks for the suggestions. Keep sharing your feedback in this topic, we’re actively monitoring it now :relaxed:


I believe the ability to add/remove testers already provides a much better & safer option for designers. But I definitely agree there’s more room to make communication & expectations of the entire testing journey clearer for both sides.

I know the team has been debating a few options, but it could very well change depending on your feedback/thoughts as @Ribblr said.


I do have a tangentially related question. I’ve seen some designers include a statement to the effect of ‘if you do not finish testing in time, you will be charged the full price for the pattern.’

  1. How is that enforceable?
  2. If it is easily enforceable, why is it not the standard?

As @virgknits94 pointed out, it is easy enough to copy a pattern that you’re testing one way or another.


I think this is a great idea to review testers, but Ribblr should be able to approve the review after looking into it first. Have a moderator of sorts.

I’d also love it if there was another review system for patterns other than the journals. The journals are great, but I’d love a star system for patterns and designers as well. I think it would help increase sales.


That’s a great idea!


I’m not a designer but I have successfully completed 41 test tests early with notes and final photos. I would absolutely love a ratings system for testers!! :grinning: There should be a way for designers to know if a tester is excellent or not. I really would like a some way for designers to know I am NOT going to just take the pattern and disappear!! More designers are releasing their patterns in parts to testers because of it on other platforms. Plus if someone is determined just to get a copy of the pattern you can take screenshots of it and you have it even if the designer removes you from the test. People try all kinds of creative new ways to try to steal. I worked retail for over 20 years before ending up on disability, including 13 years in a bar, and found the 95/5 % rule applied everywhere. 95% of people are excellent, but it is the other 5 % cause all the trouble.

Finally, if nothing more is done, the same few people are going to keep applying for tests from different designers, keep getting patterns for nothing, and the designers will have no way of knowing if I am one of the testers who will not be heard from again OR if I will definitely finish with notes and pictures. Again, I definitely want a way for designers to know I am one of the good testers!! :grinning:


I remember seeing your test come up. I loved it but know next to nothing about crochet otherwise I would have offered to test it. :grinning:


Yes please! Most of my testers worked out for my first test, but to know ahead of time would be great. It would still be great to get people who haven’t tested before a chance though, but reviews is a great idea!


Apart from releasing in parts, some other things that are being explored are ways to easily identify quality testers.

In fact, releasing a pattern in parts is actually already available tech wise on Ribblr but not implemented as a feature yet, so that option is very viable.

It’s important to note, though, that the vast majority of testers are genuine.
Abusing testers are not a wide-spread problem, but it does occasionally happen on one level or another.
Therefore, having more tools and a better way to both select testers and keep your patterns protected is vital.


Thank you! :smiley:


I have tested for a few designers that require your PayPal info before sending the pattern, and if you don’t complete the test you are charged for the pattern… BUT I don’t know how (if possible) they collect the money without the tester “approving” the invoice


Unfortunately I’ve been ghosted by testers in every single testing in this platform and it’s very sad, plus a waist of my time as a designer. It also makes me over-worry thinking that as mentioned above, they could be stealing my pattern.

Of course I’ve had amazing testers too and they deserve like a 5 star review at least to let other designers know they’re good at testing :heart:

some sort of feature that could help with this problem would be so appreciated!


Right now in our journals we can give a thumbs up or down to the following questions -
Is this pattern easy to follow?
Do you recommend this pattern?
We can also leave a review on the pattern. I always leave a thumbs up because I’m happy with the patterns. Theoretically, however, someone could leave thumbs down for each question plus leave a negative review.

Could there not be something similar for designers? Something like -
Did the tester finish the test?
Do you recommend this tester?
Would you like to leave a review?

If this system works for rating patterns and designers, why wouldn’t it work for designers to rate testers? I don’t want to see designers quitting testing on here because of a few bad testers. Right now they are free to sign up to as many tests as there new designers putting out tests and stealing a whole bunch of patterns without testing. The few rotten apples should not be allowed to get pattern after pattern and a review system could help a lot with these issues.


Definitely insightful ideas! And quite aligned with the things we are discussing.

Vital concerns, and we do understand when testers don’t follow up on their promises it hurts designers. Ribblr is all about protecting designers so thank you for raising those concerns.
Rest assured though there wasn’t a single report of even an attempt abuse/stealing of a tester - it’s definitely not easy as we have many protection tools and security measures in place.

The best course of action now (prior to adding more tools) is to converse with the tester before adding them and check their previous activity.
We always recommend assigning people as testers vs gifting, because then you have the control to remove the tester and their access to your patterns should they not follow the guidelines as previously agreed!

Thanks again for the feedback and the healthy discussion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :clap:


Happy to say we’re likely to bring this feature in our upcoming June feature drop!


Unfortunately, if I had to give payment info in order to do a test, I wouldn’t test.