Ribblr logged me out

On safari on my iPhone X

I’m on the app now and for whatever reason I can get in.

I also posted in the other recent thread on this topic

Ok now I’m back in again. Closing the browser tab, waiting a bit then opening it again seems to fix it


I had a similar thing happen to me today. After being continuously logged in for over a year, I was logged out when I opened the app on my Samsung phone.

Was able to login again, so all is well now, but I was surprised.


Just noticed another thread on the same issue. No need for anyone to respond to my posts here. :smiley:


Also on iPhone X.
Had the same problem yesterday on the app
I had to reset my password, I’m not sure if it was because I forgot or it just wasn’t working

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You are not alone, it happened to me several times yesterday, I usually work on my PC but then switch to my Ipad or iphone and have never had an issue until yesterday. Whatever hiccup there was seems to have been resolved, I haven’t had any issues today.


i was logged out yesterday for some unknown reason yesterday!