Ribblr of the Week: Meet Amy 🏅

Say hey to Amy (@RainbowFolk) - our new Ribblr of the Week and the designer behind Rainbow Folk!

Hey! Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Amy, I live in England, U.K. I have 2 children who I home school, which takes to a lot of my time, but we fill most of it by doing lots of fun things…we spend lots of time in nature, in the forest and swimming in the sea and we all love it.

When did you start crafting and how?
I began first with crochet. I was around 7 years old and my mum taught me to crochet. I then made a little blanket for my dog, a Yorkshire terrier called sweep, and I was hooked ever since (pun intended :laughing:

And how did you start designing?
I began designing as I wanted to offer designs that even the beginner knitter could make. When I was learning to knit I had spent so much time searching for simple patterns and they all seemed so complicated. I wanted to offer that for other beginners.

Do you have a favorite craft type and if so - why?
I dabble in lots of crafts but I think my true love it knitting. The possibilities are just endless in what you can create with a ball of yarn and some needles. It’s very closely followed by crochet but knitting has my heart.

What was the longest project you worked on?
This is a tough one…when I was waiting to move into it home with my now husband, I decided to crochet a blanket for our king size bed…this took me months, possible even closer to year. That was around 15 years ago, we still have it now.

And the shortest one? (excluding frogging!)
I do like to make little baby sweaters, so I think maybe one of these, I can have one knitted up sighing about 6 hours.

What are you currently working on? Be honest - how many WIP do you have right now? :wink:
I honestly only have one WIP right now, which is so unusual for me :laughing:
I just need to add the sleeves to my Rainbow Folk sweater but have been putting it off and thinking about casting on something else :grimacing:

What is your usual process of designing?
I will usually have a idea, then just go with it and attempt to knit it. Lots of frogging will be involved, but I basically just keep going until I am happy with it, making lots of notes that I usually cannot decipher !:laughing:

What inspires you to create/design?
What inspires me is being able to come up with a design that will help people on their knitting journey, such as simple patterns that they can add their own unique touches too. For example my Rainbow Folk sweater has the option to make it a custom length, and adapt the neckline to fit, but in a really simple way. I like that people can explore their creativity while following the pattern.

Also I think usually seeing a design in real life but in clothing…and I might like the fit or style and I will try and recreated that with yarn.

What is your favorite feature on Ribblr?
I love the tester call feature. It allows me to put a tester call out within the lovely Ribblr community in such a simple way.

Finally - Pay it forward - your shoutout to a fellow Ribblr :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I love Manatee_Squares. Her designs are so fun and colourful.

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Congrats on Ribblr of the Week! :partying_face::tada:


Congratulations @RainbowFolk on ROTW, thanks for sharing


Congratulations on Ribblr of the Week! I absolutely love your designs and all the fun colorful pieces you make!


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